Friday, April 20, 2007

APRIL 20, 2007

A list of the Most Annoying Songs of All-Time has popped up on the Interweb. Which one drives you the most crazy?

1) "It's A Small World (After All)"
2) "I Love You (You Love Me)", BARNEY (and friends)
3) "Mr. Roboto", STYX
4) The "Meow Mix" jingle
5) "Who Let the Dogs Out", BAHA MEN
6) "Achy Breaky Heart", BILLY RAY CYRUS
7) "The Chicken Dance"
8) "Copacabana", BARRY MANILOW
9) "Macarena", LOS DEL RIO
10) The theme from "Scooby Doo"

Ever fired off a nasty email to someone when you were all worked up? As soon as you hit "send", did you wish you had waited until you had cooled off to send that email? Here are six ways to fix or avoid this situation. . .

1) USE A "RECALL" FUNCTION. Some, but unfortunately not all, e-mail programs have a "recall" function that allows you to delete a message after it's been sent. Most of the time, this only works if the recipient is on the same office network as you. . . although AOL users can do this with email sent to OTHER AOL email addresses.

2) DELETE THE MESSAGE FROM THEIR COMPUTER. This is only necessary if you would absolutely DIE if the message got through. If you have access to their computer, send them on an errand, and delete it. This is VERY risky, though.

3) COME CLEAN. If the e-mail made it to the person and they read it, explain to them that you wrote it in haste. . . and while you may have been feeling it at the time, you NEVER meant to actually send it. Then tell them how much you regret it and apologize.

4) MAKE UP EXCUSES. If you're really reaching for an excuse after being confronted about the e-mail, you could say that someone else sent it from your computer.

5) START USING THE QUEUE OPTION. Practically all e-mail programs have an option that allows you to queue your messages before they're sent. Basically, they sit in your outbox for an extended period of time before getting sent off. Some also allow you to save the e-mail as a "draft" before it's sent. These are very good options for some people because after writing the e-mail, you still have time to reconsider sending it, and you can delete it after you cool down.

6) USE A "MOOD WATCH" OPTION. Some e-mail programs, like Eudora, also have a "mood watch" option, which monitors your typing and alerts you if a message is using too much profanity.