Thursday, April 19, 2007

APRIL 19, 2007

JD Roberto from American Idol Extra joined us this morning for his weekly chat… We talked about the Bottom 3, and a couple of surprises. First, he said most people on set were surprised Sanjaya was eliminated. Sanjaya, himself, felt he had two more weeks before his run would end, but admitted, country music was not his genre of choice. Secondly, the judges especially were shocked to see Blake Lewis in the Bottom 3. According to JD, after the show, Blake was stunned to have been in that group… he kept repeating, “I can’t believe it…”.

Also, producers are expecting a big week next week… With Sanjaya out, they feel the competition will get more serious. In addition, Tuesday is the beginning of Idol Gives Back, and JD reminded us that every vote called in will mean 10 cents for charity. Voting is free to the public, so call in and vote for your favorite… Who knows what that will do to the results…

On American Idol Extra tonight… Bucky Covington, Jon Peter Lewis, Martina McBride, a long talk with Sanjaya and more! Check your local listings for the Fox Reality Channel.

A recent survey asked drivers what they think about while in traffic...

1) The opposite sex
2) Family
3) How much gas is in the tank
4) Food
5) Going to the bathroom
6) Shopping
7) Job
8) Nothing

Two of the contestants from The Apprentice: Los Angeles, Heidi Androl and Kristine Lefebvre joined us to preview the show's finale. First, we talked about their firings... Heidi said she thought it was fair, but had hoped Donald Trump would have considered her earlier success on the show. Kristine felt her firing was totally unfair, and that Mr. Trump should have stuck with the rules he originally set-- that one TEAM would be fired. In that case, Frank would have been eliminated instead of her.

We also talked about the four contestants Mr. Trump will be choosing from on Sunday to hire. Heidi said she couldn't see Frank winning, and Kristine said Nicole has "zero" chance to win. That leaves James (who Kristine pointed out is the only winning project manager left) and Stefani (who Heidi said has been a great presenter, and Kristine said was the brains behind James in some of their wins).

In the meantime, Heidi is starting a chairty for emotionally challenged teens, and Kristine hopes to open a restaurant for her husband, a chef. The finale airs Sunday at 10 PM on NBC... congratulations to Eva Taylor and Michelle Whitestone for winning tickets this morning!