Monday, February 5, 2007

FEBRUARY 5, 2007

What a disappointing year for Super Bowl ads, right? There wasn't even one which I woke up the next morning raving about. As far as USA Today's annual ad meter, Anheuser-Busch had four of the top five spots...

1) AB- Crabs worship Bud Ice Chest
2) AB- Stray dog and the Clydesdales
3) AB- Rock, paper, scissors game
4) Doritos- Guy in car, girl show Doritos attributes (Really? Horrible.)
5) AB- Immigrants learn to speak English

I also liked the Snickers commerical where the two mechanics enjoy a candy bar in the style of Lady and the Tramp... and I also liked the GM commercial with the robot who dreams he got fired. The best commercial was actually a promo for CBS... with David Letterman and Oprah. And by the way, you didn't miss it... the wedding proposal never aired! No official reason why.

With Valentine's Day approaching, love is the air -- and so is revenge. Every year jilted lovers send angry notes, funeral wreaths and even dead fish to former partners.

The website, will, for a small fee, send an anonymous poison pen card or letter to a former lover. And the site's owner says, "We definitely get a bounce in our business at this time of year." In his words, "It's like therapy, only cheaper: "When you care enough to send the very worst." offers a photograph of a red rose with the phrase: "You were meant for me. Perhaps as a punishment."

The founder of says, "This is our busiest season of the year". Since 1998, he has sent dozens of dead roses across the United States, Canada, and as far away as Sweden and Germany. He makes sure to include the thorns.

Other Web sites also offer to send black roses, just the stems of roses or funeral wreaths. Rather than chocolates you could also send melted chocolates, bittersweet as well as milk, to an old flame.

If none of the above satisfies the desire to get even, offers to send a smelly, dead fish to the one who did you wrong.

If you've been having trouble sleeping lately. . . here's a list of 10 foods that are perfect for helping you get to sleep. . . and stay asleep. Eat one or two of them, and you'll be golden. . .

1) BANANAS. They contain magnesium, which works as a muscle relaxant.

2) CHAMOMILE TEA. This works as a mild sedative, which helps calm you down.

3) WARM MILK. Milk has some tryptophan. . . the same stuff as turkey. . . which works as a sedative. . . and calcium, which helps get the tryptophan to the brain.

4) HONEY. A little bit of honey gives you enough glucose to tell your brain to turn off orexin. . . that's a neurotransmitter that keeps you alert. Don't have too much though, and get a sugar rush.

5) POTATOES. These can clear away any acids that interfere with tryptophan.

6) OATMEAL. Oatmeal contains melatonin, which has a soothing effect.

7) ALMONDS. They've got magnesium AND tryptophan.

8) FLAXSEEDS. Flax has a lot of omega-3 fatty acid, which lifts up your mood.

9) WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. The wheat helps release insulin, which helps tryptophan get to your brain.

10) TURKEY. It's the most famous source of tryptophan, but it works best when it's NOT part of Thanksgiving dinner; tryptophan is best when your stomach is basically empty.

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