Friday, February 2, 2007

FEBRUARY 2, 2007

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Some stars to look out for in Sunday's Super Bowl commercials...

An N-F-L Network ad finds celebrity friends at a Super Bowl party held by Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. Party guests include Paris Hilton, former U-S Attorney General Janet Reno, English soccer star David Beckham, L-L Cool J, country band Rascal Flatts and Martha Stewart, who caters the event. Britney Spears reportedly wanted in but got turned down.

Britney's ex Kevin Federline will be poking fun at himself in an ad for Nationwide Insurance and financial planning. In the already controversial spot, Fed-Ex goes from rock star to fry cook.

Anheuser-Busch commercials will be pouring on the star power. In one, Latino comedian Carlos Mencia teaches an English class how to speak with a Southern drawl when ordering a Bud Light. Rapper Jay-Z and football legend Don Shula square off in a chess game in another. And auto-racing champ Dale Earnhardt Junior goes on the run from a cast of deranged characters.

Singer Sheryl Crow will be making a pitch for Revlon cosmetics.

And commercials for upcoming films include the Terrence Howard-Bernie Mac inner-city school drama Pride and the motorcycle comedy Wild Hogs with John Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence. Eddie Murphy's comedy Norbit will be featured, along with Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider. T-V shows getting time during the game will include Grey's Anatomy and Heroes.