Thursday, February 22, 2007

FEBRUARY 22, 2007

Apparently, I spoke too soon. I truly believed before this week that the Top 4 or 5 would all be guys. I will be mistaken.

The girls did MUCH better than the guys Wednesday, almost to the point of being embarrassing. There were several good performances, and two GREAT ones, but as we approach eliminations tonight, remember, it is still a popularity contest, and I guarantee the worst singers won’t go home tonight.

The best? Clearly, Lakisha Jones outshone everyone… To come out and do that song (“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”) with the Oscars this week, with all the buzz around Jennifer Hudson, and still perform it phenomenally says she will make it far in this competition. I’m not revising my prediction of the Top 2, but mark her down for at least the Top 5.

Also, Melinda Doolittle put any questions to rest last night about being able to take the front of the stage, as she performed Aretha Franklin’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”. She, too, will make it far.

The “not so good”? Antonella Barba was overwhelmed by her song, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith. The judges were hard on her too, but I don’t expect her to go home (see below). Perhaps in bigger trouble were Amy Krebs (“I Can’t make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt) and Alaina Alexander (“Brass In Pocket” by The Pretenders), who were forgettable in an evening where quite a few stood out. Amy, especially, is/was at a disadvantage because of how early in the show she performed.

So, here’s the prediction… For the girls, I’ll stick with those two. Amy and Alaina… and for the guys, it also comes down to who was forgettable, and who hasn’t had much “face time”… mark me down for Nicholas Pedro and Jared Cotter… which is a shame, because Sundance AND Sanjaya were both worse than Jared on Tuesday.

We’ll recap tomorrow… the results are at 8 PM tonight on FOX!

They're the rolling work horses at the grocery store, but if you use a shopping cart you could be taking home a lot more than food and household supplies.

The growing germ scare in this country has many grocery stores offering disinfectant wipes for shopping carts. Many stores not only provide them at the entrance near the cart storage, but at meat counters and checkout stands.

Earlier this month a state legislator in Arkansas introduced a bill that would require grocer stores to provide sanitation stations -- all because of because of hidden germs on the cart seats and the handles.

Albertson's here in Bakersfield provides disinfectant wipes for cart handles... but could everyone else be next? Some say if the Arkansas law passes, many other states may follow suit.

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