Thursday, February 15, 2007

FEBRUARY 15, 2007

Here's who advanced last night, now waiting for America's vote...

Chris Sligh (funny guy with curly hair, looks like Jack Osborne)
Sanjaya Malakar (brother half of Indian brother/sister pair)
Brandon Rogers (Christina Aguilera's backup)
Philip Stacy (missed his child's birth to audition)
Blake Lewis (beat-boxer)
Rudy Cardenas
Paul Kim (Asian contestant inspired by William Hung)
A.J. Tabaldo
Nicholas Pedro (guy who dropped out last year)
Chris Richardson
Jared Cotter
Jason (Sundance) Head

Melinda Doolittle (backup singer who could)
Gina Glocksen ("rock chick" who didn't go past Hollywood last year)
Haley Scarnato
Jordin Sparks
Stephanie Edwards
Leslie Hunt
Alaina Alexander
Sabrina Sloan
Lakisha Jones (single mom with powerful voice)
Nicole Tranquillo
Amy Krebs
Antonella Barba (the "untrained half" of the best friends from Jersey)

As you can see, we've been introduced more to the guys than the girls... Some notable omissions... I wanted to see Jimmy make it (sang "Cupid" in San Antonio)... also, I thought Thomas and Marisa (the last boy and girl eliminated last night) should have made it too.

The boys kick off America's vote next Tuesday at 8 on FOX, the girls go Wednesday, and then the first set of results come Thursday!

AND OH YEAH... our fearless prediction... write it down, Brandon Rogers and Chris Sligh in the final two.

Well, your kids are exposed to more germs than you are, because 1 of 3 parents say they'll still drop their child at school or day care, even if they're sick.

But here's where to look around the office for germs-- make sure you wash your hands whenever you come into contact with...

1) Makeup case
2) Phone
3) Purse

1) Wallet
2) Blackberry or Palm Pilot
3) Phone

It's not just you: The U.S. Department of Transportation released stats about the U.S. airlines' performance in 2006 yesterday and the results. . . were NOT good.

Last year, airlines mishandled, lost or misdirected 6.7 bags out of every 1,000. . . that's the highest rate in 16 years.

About 25% of domestic flights were late last year, the worst number since 2000.

1.01 out of ever 10,000 passengers were BUMPED last year. . . that's when they don't let you on a plane because they overbooked it. Again, that's the worst rate since 2000.

The airlines have two excuses for why everything was so awful last year. One, they say, severe weather events, like the winter storms in the Midwest and Colorado, really messed things up.

And two, because of the liquid and gel bans, people checked about 20% more bags. . . and they weren't completely prepared to handle them.

Dean Headley, an associate professor at Wichita State University who helps run the study, says things probably won't get better anytime soon. After years of financial issues and cutbacks, quote, "airlines can't provide the same service they did 10 years ago."