Thursday, January 4, 2007

JANUARY 4, 2006

Don't you hate it when people can't keep their thoughts to themselves? What's the most embarassing or insulting question you've ever been asked? I told the story this morning of being a senior in high school and being with a group of friends including this girl I had a crush on. We were talking about guys at the gym who walk around with their muscles flexed to impress the ladies... So this girl I like turns to me to illustrate her point, and says, "Here... Brent, make a muscle...". So I went ahead and flexed, but she keeps looking at me and says, "Well, c'mon, are you going to make one?" (Ouch.)

Some responses we got this morning:
-I hate when they ask your history at the blood bank, it's always embarassing...

-Once I saved a lot of money to buy a dress I liked, and when I did, my friend asked, "Did your husband get you that? He must have... he's the only one with fashion sense that bad." She insulted my dress and my husband!

Kudos to the Toyota Motor Corp. for this... They have started developing a car that detects if you're driving under the influence. . . and automatically SHUTS OFF if you are.

The car uses three tests. . .

--It has SWEAT SENSORS in the steering wheel that test your sweat for its alcohol level.

--It can detect SWERVING and abnormal steering.

--It has a special camera that checks eyes, and detects whether your pupils are out of focus.

Toyota plans to have the system in cars by the end of 2009.

Don't wait to buy, just do it! Maybe not the most sound financial advice, but several customers of have found that when they put items in their shopping cart, steer away from the site, and later return to finalize their purchase, the prices on the items they have reserved GO UP! Some are accusing of raising prices when a sale is imminent, but the company denies it. They refer to a small message on their website that warns customers that prices are subject to change. They also point out in some cases, prices are lower when customers return because they are constantly updating their inventory and adjusting sale prices.

-Write, "Please do not rent or sell my name" next to your name any time you enter a contest, make a purchase or donation, join a buyer's club, order a product by mail or subscribe to a magazine.

-Register for the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service, which takes your name off new mailing lists. The service costs $1. Do it online at or send a letter to DMA Mail Preference Service, P.O. Box 282, Carmel, NY 10512.

-To remove your name from mailing lists used for credit offers, contact the toll-free number operated by the major consumer credit bureaus: 888-567-8688.

-Remove your name from specific mass marketers' lists by contacting these companies: Acxiom, call toll-free 877-774-2094 or online at; Advo, call toll-free 888-241-6760 or online at; Abacus Alliance, e-mail or write Abacus, P.O. Box 1478, Broomfield, CO 80038.

-For more info on the Web: or

Tonight on C-B-S's C-S-I: Crime Scene Investigation we say goodbye to "Gil Grissom" as series star William Peterson leaves the show on the aptly titled episode "Leaving Las Vegas." While his character will be officially taking a four-week sabbatical, Peterson's much-publicized grumbling over the C-S-I spin-offs leads many to believe the actor who has headlined the cast for seven seasons will never return. But the boys at the crime lab won't be without a fearless leader. Starting January 18th, Liev Schreiber joins the cast, playing seasoned crime-scene investigator "Michael Keppler."