Friday, January 19, 2007

JANUARY 19, 2007

As American Idol racked up its best premiere week ratings ever, several critics and the ladies of The View criticized Idol yesterday for being too cruel to contestants. Specifically, they came down on the judges for laughing at one contestant, Kenneth Briggs, who Simon said "look(s) like some kind of monkey".

While I do agree with Rosie O'Donnell that the producers could show more of the Hollywood-bound contestants and still get good ratings, I also agree with her guest co-host yesterday, Kellie Pickler (a former Idol herself) that every contestant knows what they are getting into. They are warned that cameras are filming them non-stop, and if any of them has ever watched the show before, they know that this part of the season is more about the bad auditions than the good ones. As I said yesterday, these kids going to meet Randy, Paula, and Simon in costumes know they're not advancing.

Also, admit it, how many times do you laugh at people in your workplace? The judges sit in front of hundereds of contestants... towards the end of a long day... don't you think they may make a joke about one of these kids? Now, that's not to totally excuse the judges... they should keep critiques to singing, not personal appearance. But, this is a TV show, not a talent competition... the ratings are good... why change the formula?

If you feel like your current line of work is going nowhere. . . like, you don't ever see yourself making the jump from assistant fry cook to fry cook. . . "Fast Company" magazine has your answer.

--They've put out a list of the top nine hottest jobs for 2007. So start putting your resume together now, before everyone else picks up THEIR copies of "Fast Company" and starts applying for them, too. . .

#1.) EXPERIENCE DESIGNER. These are the people who work in the retail industry to help stores create an ESSENCE and an AURA. Sounds kinda unnecessary and lame. . . but it's HUGE right now, and the pay is STRONG.

#2.) MEDICAL RESEARCHER. Researchers are attacking cancer, Alzheimer's, HIV, MS and tons of other diseases. Hospitals are also working on finding better ways to computerize their records. Both of those fields are growing like crazy.

#3.) WEB DESIGNER. Websites are back. . . not to year 2000 form. . . but to the point where they're viable, legit businesses. And, if you get in on a good one and Google buys you out, you could become an instant millionaire.

#4.) SECURITY SYSTEMS ENGINEER. Help companies keep their servers and information safe. . . or innovate new technologies to make things safer.

#5.) URBAN PLANNER. There's a giant global market for residential and commercial developments that are luxurious. . . yet practical. There are tons of jobs open for someone who can make that happen.

#6.) TALENT AGENT. Thanks to reality TV and YouTube, there are more famous people than we could ever need. . . and they all want agents. Hop on that, and get a cut from their TV roles, music video cameos and "Real World / Road Rules Challenge" prize money.

#7.) BUYER AND PURCHASING AGENT. These are the people in charge of stores' inventories, who make decisions on item colors, sizes and quantities. If you're good and the store's profit goes up, you'll make bank.

#8.) ART DIRECTOR. Guide the sets, costumes and lights for plays, TV shows and movie sets. The industry is looking for good, creative people to bring vision to the job.

#9.) NEWS ANALYST, REPORTER AND BLOGGER. Now that the online media is becoming so popular, there's a push for more good writers, good minds and people with strong opinions. . . even ones who have never worked for an old-school newspaper.

At CBS Press Day yesterday, President Nina Tassler says William Petersen is contracted to CSI next year. Liev Schreiber is not a replacement for him. Still, they are very excited Liev is joining the show.

Who says romance is dead? They might be right!

58% of women surveryed would prefer a $10,000 shopping spree to a date night with the man of their dreams.

Guys are worse. 1 in 8 guys said they would dump their significant other (wife or girlfriend) for a free iPod. Why not work on the relationship and ask for an iPod for your birthday?