Thursday, August 7, 2008

AUGUST 7, 2008

If so, be my "Netflix" friend... we'll swap reviews and you can help Julie and I pick what to rent next. Just click here.

WORST SONG. . . EVER and AOL Radio have put together a list of The 10 Worst Songs Ever . . . and the super annoying track, "Who Let the Dogs Out?", by BAHA MEN, took the top spot. It was followed by VANILLA ICE'S "Ice Ice Baby". Here are the Top 10:

#5.) "U Can't Touch This", MC HAMMER (1990)
#4.) "Barbie Girl", AQUA (1997)
#3.) "She Bangs", RICKY MARTIN (2000)
#2.) "Ice Ice Baby", VANILLA ICE (1990)
#1.) "Who Let the Dogs Out?", BAHA MEN (2000)

The kind of flick you choose offers a rare glimpse into your psyche, according to mental health experts. "Movies capture our imaginations and transport us out of our daily lives and into a world where we can forget all our troubles," says psychologist Ernest Van Dusen. "And the kind of film you are drawn to is a vital clue in understanding your personal needs and desires." So what's showing? Choose from one of the following categories, and then read on for a close-up of your personality.

· Fantasy -- If "Lord Of The Rings" is your idea of great entertainment, you're a person with a rich imagination who lives in your head much of the time. People may think you're a bit of a flake, but they're way off the mark. You're just preoccupied with your own thoughts. The select few in your circle of pals appreciate your intellectual gifts and sparkling wit.

· Mystery -- You love to be challenged, and the intrigue and double-crosses in movies like "No Way Out" fit you to a T. You enjoy solving puzzles, pitting your ability to interpret motivations against the writer's craftiness. You're a born leader, often at the forefront of projects both at work and in your community. Others know you are the go-to guy to get the job done with style and panache.

· Science Fiction -- You are endless fascinated with the future, and the far-out worlds in flicks like "Blade Runner" draw you in. If you could, you'd live forever because you hate the thought of missing what comes next. Your interest in tomorrow is reflected in your clothes and your home -- you're sure to have the newest trends in your closet and the latest electronics in your living room.

· Romance -- Just as the characters in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" are fated to be together, you believe there's a soul mate meant for you. A passionate love relationship and a cozy family life are the linchpins of your existence, and you can't be happy without them. Your devotion to your loved ones is legendary, and they return your affection in equal measure. You're a homebody, but not a stick in the mud -- your parties are always a hot ticket.

· Adventure -- You thrive on setting goals for yourself and either meeting or exceeding the expectations of others. Just as Indiana Jones defeated his foes in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with a combination of brains and brawn, you'll use whatever it takes to succeed. You can be a powerful advocate when the project is something that stirs your passions, raising both awareness and donations for causes that fully engage your heart and mind.