Monday, August 4, 2008

AUGUST 4, 2008

Okay, if you know me, this will sound crazy. But I think I am going to attempt the Volkslauf this year.

Three years ago, with a different radio station, I attempted to do the obstacle sections at the end, and it ended with me being attended to by a medic, slumped over in a chair.

But I'm 30 pounds lighter, a little more physically fit, and a good friend of mine and my brother-in-law, want me to train to do it this year.

I am excited about having a tangible goal to help get to my goal weight of 185... I weighed 209 this morning... and weighed 237 the last time I tried it. I think if I train the right way, get good conditioning, and save my energy appropriately during the run, I might actually be able to do this. I haven't signed up yet... but what do you think?

This week is... Copious Compliments Week -- August 4-10. But you may have to compliment a woman more often than a man... Men will fall, err believe this 60% more than women will! The study showed that women need to be told the same compliment 5 to 6 times before they actually believe you mean it!

Over five million American kids ages 6 to 19 already show signs of hearing loss. Instead of telling your son to turn his iPod down, again, hook him up with headphones designed to block background noise. He'll lower the volume on his own, say researchers who tested four styles. "Kids using in-ear noise blocking headphones kept their listening levels as low as if they were in a quiet room," says Brian Fligor, Sc.D., director of diagnostic audiology at Children's Hospital Boston. These aren't the clunky, pilot style headsets he'd refuse to wear.

Standing by the water cooler may help you stay trim. When researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia strapped an accelerometer, a device that measures not just steps but movements, onto 168 healthy and active men and women for one week they found that those who incorporated more breaks, like standing or walking, into their workdays were about 2.3 inches slimmer around the waist than those who parked it in their swivel chairs for hours on end. They also had healthier blood fats, lower triglycerides. Breaks were as short as one minute, very doable, and defined as anything but sitting. So touch your toes at your desk, stand while on the phone, or, at the very least, stretch.

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