Thursday, August 14, 2008

AUGUST 14, 2008

Ever dropped your cell phone in a puddle or worse, the toilet? If your cell takes an unexpected dunking, follow these steps to avoid a trip to the gadget graveyard

·Turn off the phone and remove the battery. And no matter what, do not turn it back on. Electricity and water don't mix. The circuits may survive if the power is cut quickly.

·Dry it off as much as possible to prevent more liquid from seeping in.

·Put the phone and battery in a dry, warm spot with good ventilation so the remaining water evaporates.

·Let the parts dry for two days and not a minute less. You may short circuit the system if any wires are damp.

After two days, reattach the battery, turn it on and make a test call. With luck, your phone is back in working order.

Frizzy hair -- Guys don't even know what frizzy hair is... Does it have static cling? Is it like a bird's nest? Totally loses them every time. Frizzy hair looks like cotton candy hair. And it is very, very real, boys...

Panty lines -- So they can see the outline of your underwear. Women figure that's almost like seeing your underwear!

Too-tight jeans -- Aren't jeans on women supposed to be tight? Yes. But not overly tight.

Being overdressed -- To men, going out means either a) wearing a suit and tie, or b) wearing khakis and a collard shirt, or c) wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Guys wonder why women make it so complicated. They have more choices -- dresses, skirts, slacks, pants, jeans -- thus making it more complicated, thank-you-very-much! And don't get us started on the shoes...

Getting a pedicure before going to the beach -- Won't your feet be covered with sand? Um, no. They'll be barefoot, thus, women want them to look as cute as possible.

Hurting a friend's feelings -- Feelings are hurt all the time, but men recover in about 20 seconds. What's the big deal? Women are a little more brutal in their passive-aggressive attacks...

Buying the absolute perfect wedding/birthday/anniversary gift -- There are Target/Home Depot/Borders gift cards available everywhere. Stick one in an envelope and be done with it.

Here are the five cities whose restaurants had the FEWEST health code violations:

#5.) St. Louis, Missouri
#4.) Seattle, Washington
#3.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
#2.) San Francisco, California
#1.) Tucson, Arizona

And here are the five cities whose restaurants had the MOST health code violations:

#5.) Kansas City, Missouri
#4.) Colorado Springs, Colorado
#3.) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
#2.) Austin, Texas
#1.) Boston, Massachusetts