Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JULY 22, 2008

Height is one of the physical attributes that both guys and girls seem to agree on... the taller the better. So here are FOUR helpful tips for those of you out there who are vertically challenged...

1) WEAR ONE COLOR. We're not exactly sure how it works, but sticking to one color in your fashion choices can actually make you appear taller to other people.

2) DON'T WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING. Baggy clothing will make you look wider... and no one wants that.

3) THINK VERTICAL. Vertical stripes and interesting ties will draw people's eyes up and down, making you look taller in the process.

4) GOOD POSTURE. And you thought your mom's lessons about sitting up straight were nonsense... She just forgot to mention that good posture can help you look taller. Thanks Mom!

Over the last few months, the airline industry has been charging for simple services that were... until recently... free.

But who knew the expectations we put on the airline industry had dropped THIS low?

According to a new survey, 40% of Americans say they would give up the right to use the airplane restroom if it meant they could get their ticket for half-off.

And more than ONE in FOUR people say they would agree to STAND UP for the duration of a cross-country flight if it meant they could get their ticket for half price.

The other day, I heard a random statistic... that ONE in THREE Americans feel the ONLY way to become financially secure is to win the lottery. (For the record, your odds of winning the lottery are about ONE in 18 MILLION.)

So we're clear, here's a list of things that are statistically MORE LIKELY to occur... before you strike it rich in the lottery:

Odds of being elected president of the United States: ONE in TEN MILLION.

Odds of being in a plane crash: ONE in 500,000.

Odds of being wrongly declared dead by a Social Security data entry error: ONE in 23,483.

Odds of being murdered: ONE in 18,000

Odds of bowling a 300 point game: ONE in 11,500.

Odds of dying from heart disease: ONE in THREE.