Friday, July 18, 2008

JULY 18, 2008

Apparently... none... yet. Starbucks released a list of stores that will close yesterday, after announcing last month they were closing 600 locations nationwide. Luckily, no Bakersfield stores made the list. However, Starbucks will continue to update the list as they make future decisions.


You'd think a 911 operator has been trained to handle lots of different situations. Guess not.

Last month, 18-year-old Cristobal Jaimes of Dallas, Texas, drove past his ex-girlfriend's (no name or age was given) house and saw her hanging out with a guy named Manuel Martinez (no age was given). According to Cristobal, he became so overcome with jealousy that he completely lost his head... and shot and killed Manuel on the spot.

Three days later, Cristobal's conscious got to him, and he decided he'd better turn himself in to police. So he dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that he needed the police to come arrest him.

But instead of asking Cristobal WHY he wanted to turn himself in, the dispatcher told him that the police wouldn't come pick him up... and if he wanted to turn himself in, he'd have to somehow get down to the police station on his own. So Cristobal hung up.

A few minutes later, Cristobal called back and got a different dispatcher... who asked him what he'd done, before sending police right over to arrest him where he was.

As of Tuesday, the dispatcher who told Cristobal to find his own ride to turn himself in for murder was still on the job... and hadn't even been disciplined for her actions.

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