Friday, May 9, 2008

MAY 9, 2008

A new survey found that women will iron 215 miles in their lifetime. That means that when a woman is ironing clothing, all that back and forth motion will add up 215 miles before she dies.

Guys, on the other hand, only do 73 miles of ironing in their lifetime.

The survey also found that 45% of men will intentionally do a bad job ironing just so someone else will iron their clothes for them.

25%... or ONE in FOUR... men admitted that they still run home to mom and have her iron their clothing.

More than half of men and women admit that their ironing skills are so bad that they've actually ruined clothing.

And even though ironing clothing appears to be a monotonous and boring task, a quarter of people actually enjoy ironing because they consider it therapeutic.

MOM WORTH $800,000?
You probably think your mom is priceless... but you're wrong. According to financial advisor Ric Edelman's Annual Mother's Day Index, you can put a price tag on your mom.

Here's how: Think of all the things moms do on a daily basis... whether it's cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or driving the kids to school. Now imagine she gets a yearly salary for each one.

For example: when mom cooks a healthy meal for the kids, she's doing the work of a personal chef... a dietitian... and a food service worker. In the real world, the salaries of those three jobs combined would total about $105,000.

Mom also cleans the house and drives the kids to school... but she doesn't get $19,000 like a housekeeper, or the $33,000 salary of a bus driver.

So if mom got paid a full-time salary for all 17 or so jobs she does on a daily basis... she'd be worth $800,000.

KELLY RIPA is America's favorite celebrity mom, according to a "USA Today" poll. Of the 13,300 people who responded, 25% chose Kelly as the mom they most admire.

ANGELINA JOLIE finished a close second with 23%... while JULIA ROBERTS and JADA PINKETT SMITH tied for third, with 22%.