Thursday, April 24, 2008

APRIL 24, 2008


Today, Eva Taylor guessed it after the first clue... Here were the clues we would have used if the game kept going...

1) Look for me by today! (reference to Today Cleaners next door)
2) Twinkle, twinkle little star (Walk of Stars out front)
3) I’ve seen Chicago (the band has performed there many times)
4) Hunt for me Downtown
5) My office is inside a box

American Idol voters sent Ireland's Carly Smithson packing last night. The tattooed once-favorite sang off with "Jesus Christ Superstar." Oddly, her version was one of Simon Cowell's favorite performances on the last round of competition. When asked for a final thought, judge Randy Jackson said, "I am shocked. It must have been a bit of a popularity week in the vote." There was just a Bottom Two last night, in place of the usual three, and Syesha Mercado shared stool time with Smithson. Mercado got high marks for her previous performance of "One Rock and Roll Too Many" from the show Starlight Express.

We also talked with Gina Glocksen (and current co-host of AI Extra), who finished sixth last season. Here are some of the highlights...

*She believes at this point in the competition, the performances almost don't matter (see: Brooke). People have decided their favorites or have found someone to relate to, and that's who they vote for good or bad. She called that "unfortunate".

*She says if she were Brooke, she also would have stopped and started over-- as long as it was a ballad. If it had been a fast song, or she was farther into it, she would have fought through it.

*I asked her if the contestants care more about what Simon has to say than the other two judges (ie. the look they get on their face before Simon speaks). She said, for her, Simon's opinion was the only one that mattered. The contestants know he's going to be honest, and America listens to what he has to say.

*I asked her about whether she felt she was pidgeon-holed into the "rocker chick" role (like Carly was) and if that was frustrating. She said she did feel that way, and it was frustrating. One of her favorite weeks was singing "Smile" in Tony Bennett week. She likes to dress the part, but she doesn't define herself as a musician that way, and it was frustrating (see below)

*I asked her about personal lives on Idol. We see Carly, Brooke, etc., who are married... Do they ever see their significant other? She said, yes, but it's very difficult and limited. NO ONE (family, friend, etc.) is allowed into the apartments but the contestants. She said, "I guess if you're a rocker chick, you figure it out". (Wonder what that means?)

*We talked about Carly's assertion that she would change her outlook next week... She says the contestants have already picked songs by Wednesday's results show... they're told the theme well in advance. They wouldn't have started arranging it until today.

*Tonight on AI Extra, Gina performs, a surprise appearance by another Idol, and the first interview with Carly Smithson.