Monday, April 21, 2008

APRIL 21, 2008

Congratulations to Kathy Baird... All she needed was one clue to get the answer to today's "Lost". Of course, all week we'll give you clues to a location in Bakersfield starting at 6 AM. Listen to the clues, and as soon as you figure it out, call us at 1-866-977-KSMJ. First person to correctly guess the location every day wins a pair of tickets to see Michael Buble in Fresno, on May 6th.

Here were the clues we would have given this morning, had the game continued...

1) Birds live here…
2) People love to come here to gaze at the stars…
3) This is one place where getting a ticket is a good thing…
4) When you visit me, we have fun under bright lights, or sometimes in the dark…
5) Look me up on a map around “N”
6) My friend Elton visited me last Friday

Answer: Rabobank Arena

So maybe you completely trust your significant other, and the idea of keeping tabs on who they communicate with is out of the question. But does your spouse feel the same way? According to a recent survey, there's a pretty good chance they don't.

Researchers at Oxford University in England found that ONE in TEN married couples keep an eye on their significant other's Internet browser history to make sure they aren't cheating.

And ONE in FIVE couples admit to secretly reading their spouse's emails and text messages.

We've all hit that midday slump at our jobs... where we feel absolutely exhausted and just DON'T WANT TO WORK ANYMORE. Here's some good news: That slump can be avoided. Here's how...

1) SLEEP. This is pretty cut and dry: You have to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep every night... or else you'll, obviously, be tired... and you're not going to make it through a full day of work.

2) EAT HEALTHILY. You know the drill. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies. This basically guarantees that you'll have steady sugar levels throughout the day... so you don't crash.

3) EAT SMALL MEALS. Don't just do one massive meal... and think that it'll hold you over. It won't. Eat small snacks every few hours, even before and after lunch. And drink water instead of sodas.

4) GET OUT OF THE OFFICE. Most of us can't up and leave whenever we feel like it. But instead of staying in during your lunch break, go out for a 15 or 20-minute walk. It'll clear your mind, and help you to de-stress.

5) PLAY GAMES. Unless it's totally frowned upon by The Man, keep some Sudoku or crossword puzzles at your desk. They keep your brain going when you're feeling sluggish.