Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MARCH 4, 2008

We didn't report exactly what's been uncovered about contestant David Hernandez because it's not exactly kid-safe... but you can read all about it here. My guess? it won't get him booted from the show, but may get him voted off.

1) YOUR SALARY. This is just not a good idea at all. People are petty, petty sheep. You never know who may box you out because they're jealous of the money you're making.

2) COMPLAINTS ABOUT WORK. Would you want to hang with someone who was constantly complaining about work? Probably not. Keep all the issues you have about your job to yourself.

3) GOSSIP. If you're gossiping with a co-worker... I'm guessing they'll have absolutely no problem turning around and gossiping to others about YOU. So unless you're cool with that... steer clear of this nonsense.

4) NAUGHTY DETAILS OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. It'll make you look really irresponsible.

5) LIFESTYLE CHANGES. Divorces... breakups… baby-making plans... or anything like this. Remember: NO ONE CARES. Even if they ask you about this stuff, keep it short and to the point.

There's nothing worse than a backhanded compliment. You think you're hearing a nice thing ... until you realize -- it wasn't. Hey, wait a minute! The question is -- Do people mean to give a backhanded compliment, or are they just stupid?

Compliments You Should Never Give: (from Glamour magazine)

"You are so lucky not to need a bra!"
"Your bronzer's so...bronze."
"You look just like Cher."
"Those jeans make your butt seem a lot smaller."
"I think this is the best hair color you've had yet!"
"You're just so much prettier in person than you are in pictures."
"Oooh! Who did your nose?"
"My grandmother has the exact same purse."

According to a new survey in England, the average person tells FOUR lies every day...

That's 1,460 lies per year... and 1,464 during leap years.

The four lies per person, per day is the average... but that's based on the average of both genders. If you just look at one sex at a time, men admit they lie five times a day... and women claim they only lie three times a day.

75% of both men and women say that women are better liars than men.

66% of people, or two out of three, say they don't feel guilty telling "white lies"... and 40%, or two out of five, say they're good at lying.

According to the survey, the most common white lie people tell is "There's nothing wrong with me; I'm fine." 28% of people say they use that lie regularly. Here's the top 5 white lies people tell, according to this survey...

#1.) "There's nothing wrong with me; I'm fine."
#2.) "Nice to see you."
#3.) "I don't have any cash on me."
#4.) "I'll give you a call."
#5.) "Sorry I missed your call."