Friday, March 21, 2008

MARCH 21, 2008

According to the LA Times, the family of the woman who helped create "It's a Small World" is begging Disney not to screw up the iconic ride with "idiotic" changes. The ride has been closed since January to upgrade its boats - which some think was needed in order to accommodate the ever increasing weight of the general population. But now other changes are being tossed around. is reporting that Disney Imagineers are considering adding Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peter Pan, Nemo and other Disney characters to locations throughout the ride while replacing the Papua, New Guinea, rain forest scene with an American tribute.In an open letter to Disney execs, the family writes, "The Disney characters of themselves are positive company icons, but they do NOT fit in with the original theme of the ride. They will do nothing except to marginalize the rightful stars of the ride 'The Children of the World.'"

Disney officials say some additions will be made to Small World but that no decision has been made on specific creative changes to the ride despite the speculation.

"Men's Health" recently asked over 5,000 women what kind of small gestures make them feel loved the most. Guys... here's a list of her most popular responses:

--Remember her mom's birthday.

--Make her coffee.

--Straighten up her place.

--Take her car for service.

--Buy the CD she wants the most.

--Open doors for her.

--Flirt with her in public.

--Ask her how she's feeling.

--And the small gesture that does the most is . . . when a man scrapes ice off her car.