Monday, February 4, 2008

FEBRUARY 4, 2008

The Best...
Bud Light and Budweiser. The best commercial was the Budweiser ad where the Dalmatian helps train the Clydesdale, "Rocky"-style, to get him ready for the next year.

Pepsi. The Pepsi ad where JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was getting whipped through the air by a girl drinking Pepsi through a straw was funny. Having ANDY SAMBERG make a cameo... making it a "Saturday Night Live" reunion... was a nice touch.

We also liked their commercial where people were falling asleep, and couldn't do the "Night at the Roxbury" dance and rock their heads to the song "What Is Love?", without drinking Pepsi Max.

Tide. We liked the commercial where the guy was trying to do a job interview... but all the interviewer could focus on was his "talking" stain. Pretty clever.

Bridgestone. They had two commercials... but the one we liked was the one with animals screaming before a car swerved to avoid hitting a squirrel.

Coca-Cola. We liked the ad where giant balloons of cartoon characters escaped from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to chase a giant floating Coke. They chose PERFECT characters: Charlie Brown, Underdog and Stewie from "Family Guy".

The Worst... We were fairly indifferent toward the ad where the woman's heart jumped out of her chest and told her boss that she was quitting.

Sunsilk. This commercial, featuring MARILYN MONROE, SHAKIRA and MADONNA, wasn't bad. But they paid Madonna $10 MILLION to use her footage for this commercial. And it was WAY too forgettable to have that kind of budget.

Doritos. Their ad where the guy put a Dorito in the mousetrap... then had a guy in a giant rat costume jump out of the wall and attack him... REALLY felt like it was trying too hard.

Audi. Trying to parody "The Godfather" by putting the grill from a dead, old luxury car in a guy's bed was more off-putting than effective. I just didn’t get it.

If I was one of the marketing people at KFC, I'd fly to England TODAY and sign this kid to a lifelong endorsement deal. Because he is living proof that KFC performs MIRACLES.

15-year-old Jordan Hawkins of Barnstaple in Devon, England, was VICIOUSLY attacked by two boys... they ended up fracturing his skull and sending him into a coma.

Doctors had to drill a SIX-INCH HOLE in his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain.

While Jordan was in the coma, his dad, Jim, sat with him and talked to him. One of the things Jim said: If Jordan came out of the coma, he'd take him to KFC... which, apparently, was Jordan's favorite restaurant.

After 10 days, Jordan came out of the coma... and the FIRST thing he said was that he was happy to be out of the coma because he heard his dad talking about KFC... and wanted to go there and get their largest bucket of fried chicken.

Jordan's skull will be repaired in about six months, when he's well enough to have surgery. The two boys who attacked him have been charged with malicious wounding.

1) DON'T EAT AT YOUR DESK. The dirtiest places of the office are the phones and the surface of desks. So don't eat at your desk... unless you want your food to be infested with germs.

2) USE KNUCKLES INSTEAD OF FINGERS. Touch things like the elevator lobby button or photocopier buttons with your knuckles or the back of your hand... so there's less of a chance that you'll transmit germs to your nose, mouth and eyes.

3) DON'T USE WATER FOUNTAINS. They're filthy. And besides, who uses water fountains any more? Don't the cool kids at work carry around bottled water?

4) CARRY AROUND HAND SANITIZER. The containers are usually pretty small... so you can use this stuff whenever you want.

5) CLEAN YOUR DESK AREA. Go through and wipe down your desk area at least once a week... because you never know who's been germing up the place without your knowledge.