Sunday, January 13, 2008


Tonight my wedding ring is back where it belongs. Sort of.

Not on my finger, but in a jewelry box awaiting its return to the jeweler tomorrow to be re-sized.

After a quick word of prayer, my father-in-law came over today and we attempted the rescue mission. After suggestions far and wide, we decided to try and take the paneling off the front of the foot of the island to get the ring back. For over a week, I had continued to look around, and by process of elimination knew it had to have bounced up in the island (see blog below).

Our hope was to try and remove the paneling without cracking it or breaking it. Working past the glue and nails was not the hardest part, but rather, it was finding that the paneling was sitting in the tile spacing. So we needed to get it lifted up and out, and with some gentle prodding, was able to do it.

And with the paneling off, it was the moment of truth. Was the ring there after all?

Yep. The picture doesn't do it justice. Not only had it bounced off the ground into a small hole, it rolled all the way to the back of the island. It had enough force to roll quite some way. Our only hope to get it out was to get a wire coat hanger and try to pry it out.

If you know me, you know I'm not exactly a "motor skills" kind of guy. And my father-in-law really likes these kinds of challenges. So in he went... And after a few tries, the ring was free.

As you can see, I need to get the ring re-sized. I've lost some weight in my hands, and so the ring can come off quite easily if my hands are wet. So tomorrow, right after work, it's off to the jewelery store. But for one day, it's nice to know I've got the ring back, and no damage was done. Other than that to my ego.