Wednesday, January 30, 2008

JANUARY 30, 2008

Here were some of the more promising contestants last night from the Omaha, NE auditions...

Samantha Sidley... sang “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones and got four yes votes — the three judges, plus Ryan Seacrest who was in the room. “I like your voice, but I think you need to work on your self-confidence,” Ryan said, mocking Paula Abdul.

Jason Rich... sang "When You Say Nothing At All" by Keth Whitley. He has the look, but not the lyrics... he forgot them FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES while auditioning, but still got through. And he didn't need Paula's (the nice judge) vote... she was gone, so Simon and Randy put him through.

That's really about it... The auditions move to Miami, Florida tonight!

According to Wal-Mart, here are the states that are leading the country in buying foods for Super Bowl Sunday. Utah and Louisiana have bought the most chicken wings... Nebraska and South Dakota have bought the most frozen pizza...

New Mexico and Virginia have bought the most potato chips... Kentucky and Louisiana have bought the most dip... South Dakota and Indiana have bought the most snack mix... and North and South Dakota have bought the most mixed nuts.

My conclusion: If you're going to a Super Bowl party in South Dakota, be prepared to EAT.

If you've been looking for an excuse to break your addiction to MYSPACE... this is it. A group of bloggers have declared that today, January 30th, is "International Delete Your MySpace Page Day."

This day is getting so much momentum that Rebekah Horne, an exec from Fox, which owns MySpace, commented on it. But, she says, quote, "It's just about being controversial. MySpace is still the biggest social networking site in the world."