Thursday, January 17, 2008

JANUARY 17, 2008

We're out of the studio tomorrow, so join us live again Monday! Whether you've got a holiday or not, we'll get your morning going with all of your light rock favorites!

AND, we're not leaving you empty handed tomorrow... we'll still have Willie Waffle's movie reviews, and lots of fun to start your day!

What a disappointing night in Dallas... Here were some of the possible contenders, although I can't see anyone they showed us last night making it too far...

Alaina Whitiker... She sang a Faith Hill song, and I thought did okay... but Simon took her down a peg by saying, “I don’t think your as good as you think you are.” She was okay, but made it through unanimously.

Kayla Hatfield... I cannot believe they let her through. She shouted her audition. But I guess she has a good story. She survived an accident, and has permanent scars to prove it. She's lost sight in one of her eyes, and is a true survival story. But it doesn't make her a good singer. She sang “Piece of my Heart” by Janis Joplin. It was not good. Paula said no, but Randy and Simon said yes. It will be a shame if she makes it past the Hollywood round.

Kady Malloy... She probably benefited from singing Simon's favorite song, “Unchained Melody”. She was the best of the bunch last night, and they gave her a ton of chances to succeed. "Unchained" was actually the third song she performed to get through. Is it just me or does everyone want to be Carrie Underwood this season?

Well, he didn't make it, but Bruce Dickson was featured last night as a guy who made a pact with his father to never so much as touch a girl until he's married. The pact includes matching key-and-heart necklaces worn by the pair and even though it was well intentioned, it came off as really weird.

Tuesday, they're in San Diego, which at least will mean some good auditions. It's supposedly the best city they visited.

1) LETTING THEM WATCH TV ALL DAY. It's fine if your kids watch a little TV. But generally, anything over two hours a day is excessive.

2) BRIBING THEM WITH TREATS. Motivating your kids with gifts is OK on occasion, but rewarding them and BRIBING them are two different things. And don't offer up food as a reward... unless you want to encourage obesity in your home.

3) MOVING AROUND SEVERAL TIMES. Sometimes this can't be helped. If you get a better job somewhere, you have to move. But doing this all the time can be REALLY bad for your kids, especially when they're trying to make friends.

4) ACCIDENTALLY NEGLECTING THEM. If you have a lot of kids, it's pretty easy to accidentally pay more attention to some of them over others. As much as you can, make an effort to give all of them equal time.