Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NOVEMBER 28, 2007

We were right! Continuing the streak of male winners (because the predominantly female audience loves cute guys), Helio Castronoves won the fifth season of Dancing With The Stars! For a great recap, click here.

Have you noticed it’s snowing in Rosedale? You can even ice skate at the first-ever outdoor rink in Kern County! Mike Ross says any profits made on tree sales at Santa's Playground are re-invested into the winter-wonderland theme park, which is done for love of the holidays. "It's just a fun deal," Ross said. "I'm a big kid, my dad's a big kid, and our family just really enjoys the holidays." For $10, you will get skates with unlimited slides down a 35-foot snow hill; half-off if you buy a tree. Santa's Playground is on Rosedale Highway just past Driver Road.

Think about this before you spend a lot of money... or a lot of effort... buying a gift for someone in your company's secret Santa exchange. According to a survey by "Time", 31% of people say that secret Santa gifts are so BAD, they usually just throw them away. More than one out of five other workers say that they usually HATE the secret Santa gifts... but they keep them anyway. So, added up, that means that over half of people really, really don't like anything they get from secret Santa exchanges.