Friday, October 5, 2007

OCTOBER 5, 2007

Usually, we make fun of the people who are already doing their Christmas shopping here in mid-autumn... but maybe THEY'RE actually the smart ones.

According to toy industry experts, this Christmas, there could be a, quote, "TOY SHORTAGE." The reason: China, and its love of lead paint and toxic plastic.

Because of ALL the Chinese-made toy recalls already this year, companies in the U.S. have had to start doing much more in-depth product testing before they let toys hit the shelves.

That's slowing down the flow of toys to the stores... which means that toys could sell out and not get restocked in time for Christmas.

Stores like Wal-Mart and Target have ALREADY started cutting their toy prices here in October. They do that to lure customers to the store... hoping that, after they buy the cheap toys, they'll also buy expensive stuff, like electronics and furniture.

And, because of the price cutting now, toys could be gone by Thanksgiving weekend... and there won't be enough out there to restock.

Wondering why your boss is a day away from firing you? Maybe it's because you've committed on of the top six workplace taboos. . .

1) FALLING ASLEEP AT WORK. Sleeping on the job can get you canned. . . but a lot of people do it. According to a survey, 41% of sales representatives have fallen asleep at work.

2) KISSING ANOTHER CO-WORKER. Not only will kissing and/or dating with another co-worker cause problems if your relationship doesn't work out... but it can also get you FIRED.

3) DRINKING ON THE JOB. So you're working a little late... and you decide to take a sip out of that little bottle of Jack you have hidden in your desk drawer. You're not the only one. 30% of workers admitted to knocking back a few while at work.

4) STEALING FROM THE OFFICE. We all do it. Pens, notebooks, coffee, and so on are all available to us at our own convenience. But stealing this stuff ends up costing the company big time.

5) SPREADING RUMORS ABOUT A CO-WORKER. 25% of sales representatives... that's ONE out of every FOUR people... admitted to spreading rumors about a co-worker.

6) SNOOPING AFTER HOURS. Going through people's desks, checking out their computers, looking through discarded files, etc. Government employees are the worst at this... with 26% admitting to snooping.