Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OCTOBER 10, 2007

We were right! No one seemed surprised to see Wayne Newton leave the dance floor last night during Dancing With the Stars: The Results. Wayne and his partner, two-time champ Cheryl Burke, had consistently placed at the bottom since this season's debut, and the cut seemed like an act of kindness to the viewers and a signal to the remaining dancers to let the serious competition begin. The evening was peppered with musical performances from last season's competitor Billy Ray Cyrus and his Hannah Montana star daughter Miley, who teamed up for "Ready, Set, Don't Go" from Billy Ray's Home at Last CD. Grammy-winner Seal also took the stage to perform his hit "Kiss From a Rose" and his newest single "Amazing" from his System C-D, scheduled for a November release.

One of the Results show's humorous highlights has become the farewell song that the parting couple dance their final dance to. This week Wayne and Cheryl took their last bow to Danile Powter's "Bad Day."

You SHOULD know which side your car's gas tank is on. But next time you get a new car, or you're in a rental, here's a trick so you can know which way to pull into a gas station. You're going to be AMAZED that you never knew this before.

Take a look at the gas gauge in the dashboard. There's a small picture of a gas pump there. Check out which side that pump's handle is on. If it's on the left, your car's gas tank is on the left. If it's on the right, the tank is on the right. You're welcome.

10/10 AT 10!
Individual tickets for regular season Bakersfield Condors games are set to go on sale today at 10 AM at the Condors "10/10 at 10" event. Individual tickets will be specially priced at $10 for this day only (limit 10 single-game tickets per customer). In addition to the special ticket prices, the Condors will also be hosting a kick-off party on the plaza right outside the arena with free hot dogs, sodas and lots of fun! Condors players as well as mascots Baby Cal and Colonel Claw'd will be out on the plaza during the day.

You loved Jena in STEPMOM with Julia Roberts, SAVED with MANDY MOORE, DONNIE DARKO with JAKE GYLLENHAAL and CONTACT starring JODI FOSTER - and now, at age 22, she’s already appeared in over a dozen films - acting alongside the likes of HARRISON FORD, KEVIN COSTNER, JODIE FOSTER, SUSAN SARANDON, GOLDIE HAWN and KEVIN KLEIN.

Now, she's in Into The Wild, the new critically acclaimed “on the road” of story of 22 year-old Christopher McCandless who walked out of his privileged life and into the wild in search of adventure.

Catch her tomorrow at 7:30 on the show!