Thursday, September 6, 2007


One of my favorite events of the year happens on Saturday... Brews In The Village. Three words. Unlimted... food... samples... I'm not a drinker, and it's worth the price of admission alone just for that. But for those who enjoy it, the array of brews and wines from around the world are amazing, and the live entertainment is always outstanding.

But don't forget what it's about... the event is the biggest fundraiser for C.A.R.E., a non-profit organization raising money for children's charities and organizations. The $55 ticket helps kids in our community in lots of different ways.

Tickets are on sale at Frugatti's, Lengthwise, and Bakersfield Wells Fargo locations. Only buy them there! Remember, someone stole a large amount of Brews tickets, so don't buy one on the street that could get you questioned by the police.

And please remember to enjoy the evening responsibly. Bring a designated driver, have someone drop you off and pick you up, or use one of the options that Brews provides on the night of the event.

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A friend of mine posted this list on their blog... (Sara, I love it!)

1. JMs - Old ladies, outdated technology, and sweet intentions.
2. Olcotts - See above but minus the sweet intentions (don't get Lorie started).
3. Ross on Rosedale - Oh my word, my eye twitches and my skin gets all creepy crawly just thinking about it.
4. Michael's on Rosedale - I don't understand this one. I just don't understand.
5. McDonald's on Rosedale - It doesn't matter, go inside or drive through. There's no difference.
6. Macy's third floor register, in between children's and lingerie - Yes, this is very specific but if you've ever stood in this line (or disgustedly gotten out of this line as was the result of my above encounter) you will recognize the dire and intense need to make this distinction.
7. JoAnn's - Yes, they seem to be making strides at improvement but it's going to take a while to rebuild the trust.
8. RiteAid - Seriously, only one register open? A roving cashier? Disaster. And that's not even hitting the subject of their completely confusing, fundamentally flawed, and atrociously planned layout.
9. Sam's Club Food Court - Again, a very important distinction: Sam's Club - short lines, quick, efficient; Food Court - mind numbingly, blood-vessel bursting slow. It almost sucks the enjoyment out of such cheap food.
10. Any line that is its own "Returns" line like at Target or WalMart - Seriously, is this a planned deterrent to keep customers from making returns? Because it's working, people, it's working.

We put the question to you... We heard...

*The pharmacy line at Longs on Stockdale
*Costco on any given weekend
*Home Depot on Gosford and District

What do you think?

In a new survey by the University of Giessen in Germany, researchers asked people if they'd be willing to pay about $1,000 to choose their baby's gender. How many people said they'd do it?

More than one out of five. 21% of the people surveyed say they'd pay to pick their baby's sex; of that group, about two-thirds said they'd choose a girl and one-third would pick a boy.

This number seems LOW to me... in a new survey, ONLY 24% of office workers say they play computer games like Freecell, Minesweeper and Solitaire while they're at work.

Of that group, 53% say they play at least once a day... and 11% say they play for an hour or more every day. 84% do it to feel less, quote, "stressed out"... and 52% say that taking a quick break to play a game makes them MORE productive afterwards.