Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AUGUST 1, 2007

If you died today, would your spouse know to turn the sprinklers off in the winter or even how to pay the cable bill online? Big details like burial sites or cremation plans may be discussed beforehand, but a new Web site called has dedicated itself to making sure every little detail is taken care of in case of death. One of the creators said "I actually sat there and tried to picture my own life ended. It's a hard thing to do." He said he thought about the mess his family would have if he suddenly died, and the idea was born.

The concept is simple: Users register and enter information, using either templates provided by YouDeparted or by designing their own. Information ranges from simple entry prompts in the templates like gifts and final wishes to more serious prompts like bank and brokerage accounts, debts owed, and secret accounts. Another feature allows users to create letters, nasty or nice, for an extra fee that can be mailed when they die.

According to a new survey of American workers, HALF of us say that there's a "workplace princess" at our office. Which means: If you don't think there's one at your office. . . there's a pretty good chance it's YOU.

The survey defines a workplace princess as a person who has a ridiculous sense of entitlement or privilege. Two out of three people say their workplace princess is a woman. . . one-third are men.

Of people who know a workplace princess, 48% say theirs expects special favors and treatment from their boss. . . 47% say theirs always feels that they're being treated unfairly. . . and 35% make other people do work for them.

Rachelle Canter, the author of the book "Make the Right Career Move", ran the study. If you're worried that YOU'RE considered the workplace princess, these are her four signs that you might be:

1) Do you start most of your sentences with "I want" or "I need"?

2) When was the last time you listened to a friend or colleague talk about a problem for a half hour?

3) When's the last time you called a co-worker to see how they were doing?

4) When things go wrong, do you blame the situation or other workers?

...What They Really Mean ...

Are you ready to order?
Translation: You better order now because if you don't, I'm not coming back for a while...

Would you like to see the wine list? I'd recommend our house special ...
Translation: It's cheap wine that's overpriced.

Is everything all right over here?
Translation: You won't forget about me come tip time, will you?

Are you still working on that?
Translation: Can I take your plate yet, geez!

Oh, somebody was hungry.
Translation: What a pig you are.

Would you like to take that to go?
Translation: You're going to polish that off as soon as you get home, who are you trying to kid?

Is there anything else I can get you? Any dessert? An after-dinner drink?
Translation: Can I rack up more to your bill so my tip is bigger?