Tuesday, July 3, 2007

JULY 3, 2007

If you're burning fireworks this holiday, here are the laws and safety tips you need to know.

*Only burn fireworks that have the Safe and Sane label on them.
*Always have an adult present
*Always ignite in an open space away from property and other people
*Never alter or disassemble fireworks
*Never ignite fireworks that appear to be damaged or previously used
*Never throw fireworks at another person or an animal
*Always keep a water source near by.

If someone is using illegal fireworks, a temporary hotline for reporting it is now active through July 5. Call 868-6070 to make a report. This number is not for emergencies. Remember, all Piccolo Pete or other whistling-type fireworks, and Ground Bloom-type fireworks are illegal for sale or use in the City of Bakersfield.

In honor of the 4th of July, a new poll was conducted to find out where we stand on everything from national pride and U.S. history... to all-American food and fireworks injuries. Here's what they found…

93% of us are proud to be Americans... but 39% say they've felt ashamed or embarrassed by America at least once. 25% say they'd like to live in another country. Canada's the top choice, then Australia, England and Italy.

Only 52% say they know every word to the "Star Spangled Banner". . . (WHAT??!!) And only 25% know what the American motto "E pluribus unum" means. (--It means "Out of many, one."). But 75% say they can correctly label all 50 states on a blank map.

The average American has visited 20 states.

The majority of people rank America's proudest moments like this:
#1.) Defeating the British in the American Revolution.
#2.) Conquering HITLER.
#3.) Landing on the Moon.

The majority of people say the worst thing America has done is mistreat and repress the Native Americans.

48% of people say the most American meal is a hamburger and a Coke... the second-most popular answer is a hot dog and a Budweiser.

50% of men shoot off fireworks on or around July 4th... and 20% have been injured in the process.

80% usually go to see PROFESSIONALLY-run fireworks on or around July 4th.

We're off tomorrow... don't forget, Thursday at 7:10 AM, we'll telly ou how you and your family can win a four-pack of tickets to Magic Mountain all summer!