Wednesday, July 25, 2007

JULY 25, 2007

Interesting and inexpensive dates can be very tough to find. . . especially when you're ALWAYS going out. Suck down these six low-cost date ideas...

1) DO VOLUNTEER WORK. You could both have fun and feel good about the date by doing some volunteer work. Run a 5K for charity, build homes for Habitat for Humanity or even clean up an inner-city school playground.

2) GO TO A WINE TASTING. Visit a nearby winery or a restaurant that usually offers wine tasting and a tour. The fee, if there even is one, is usually nominal. . . and it gives you the opportunity to stock up on wine for a later date.

3) GO TO A YOGA CLASS. It might be a little tough for the ladies to drag a guy to one of these things... but classes are usually inexpensive... and it gives both of you a chance to clear out built up stress from the week.

4) TAKE A DANCE CLASS. Try something new by going to a dance class. Some dance clubs have different themed nights, like "swing dance" or "salsa" nights... and occasionally they'll give a lesson before the night kicks off.

5) TAKE A COOKING CLASS. Instead of always going out to restaurants to eat... take a cooking class so you can stay home and make a meal with your date. Many culinary stores, colleges and adult schools offer classes.

6) LUNCH AND A MATINEE. Instead of dinner and a movie, have as good a time and don’t break the bank by enjoying better prices!

Not too long ago, having name-brand stuff was an important status symbol for many people. But now, Reuters reports that we love our knock-offs.

Two out of every three people will now proudly 'fess up to owning a counterfeit product. Lawyer DAVENPORT LYONS and Ledbury Research worked together on a study about fake stuff. The study says "The most dramatic change in attitudes towards fakes is that they have reached their tipping point. They have become socially acceptable."

Ironically, this could actually be good news for the name-brands. Nearly a third of people in the study say that owning the fake product makes them more likely to buy the real deal in the future. Even so, that just has high-end brands working even harder to make sure nothing less than their own product will do.

A trio of thieves in Gainseville, GA, figured they picked the perfect place to steal copper pipe and wiring: An abandoned nursing home. Problem: They picked the wrong day to do it.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution says cops use the place as a K-9 training facility and the day the thieves showed up was the same day cops showed up to hold a training session.

The cops spotted the thieves, the thieves dropped their tools and ran --bad idea-- and cops let the dogs loose (Release the hounds!). One person quickly surrendered, another was caught hiding in a trash bin, and one of them had to be treated at a hospital --got bit just below the butt by one of the dogs.

Might've helped if these guys could read. Signs outside the facility warn, "Caution!!! Gainesville Police Department K-9 training facility --Keep Out."

Well, ya know, sometimes a bad idea will tend to bite you in the butt.

If so, do one of these sound familiar... The three types of procrastinators...

. . . AROUSERS, who wait to the last minute to do things, for the rush.

. . . AVOIDERS, who have a fear of failure or of success, so they avoid doing things that could make them fail or succeed.

. . . INDECIDERS, who just can't make decisions. . . so they don't do ANYTHING.