Monday, July 16, 2007

JULY 16, 2007

Baby food maker Gerber is recalling two of its popular cereals because of a possible choking hazard.

According to the company's website, there have been complaints of choking, but no reports of injuries. The company speculates the problem could be that some of the cereal is lumpy and won't dissolve in milk or other liquids.
The specific products under recall include the 8-ounce Organic Rice and Organic Oatmeal. Look for UPC Codes 15000 12504 and 15000 12502. You can return the cereal for a full refund.

FYI: You can call the Gerber Parents Resources Center for more information 1-800-443-7237.

The new HP Photosmart R937 digital camera takes 10 pounds off your bod! The camera actually reduces the pixels in the middle of the photo by 80 percent making you look trim and sexy! Well worth the $3 hundred dollar price tag!

Also, London's Daily Mail reports that a pair of Australian engineers have come up with a new device lets couch potatoes change TV channels, switch on a DVD player and perform other commands with just the wave of a hand. The controller's built-in camera recognizes seven simple hand gestures and works with up to eight different gadgets around the house.

Pending more testing and licensing, the gizmo could be on sale within three years, ending the frustration involved in finding and using a bunch of different remotes.

Some of the sample commands:
--A raised fist starts playing a DVD
--Hand open, palm to the side and thumb up turns a TV on.
--“Thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" motion moves channels up or down.
--Fingers pointed in a sideways "V" stops on a selected channel.