Friday, June 8, 2007

JUNE 8, 2007

I noted this morning how many of the "Shame On" so-and-so signs you see around town. So, who would get the opposite? What person or business deserves kudos, or a group of people holding a "Good Job" sign outside their business?

Here were some of your responses...
*The graduating class at CSUB this weekend
*The principal and staff at Valle Verde Elementary School
*The employees at French Palace at the Shell Station at 7th Standard Road and Hwy. 65
*The United West Laboratory CHW Mercy
*The drivers for Foster Farms

Thanks to everyone who called in kudos... Hey, we hear so much about the ngeative in our community and the world... don't more people need a pat on the back? We had such a good response, we may need to make it a monthly feature!

According to a new survey, 73% of Americans believe that today, in the U.S., quote, "the rich get richer while the poor get poorer." In 2002, 8% fewer people agreed with that statement.

So much for all those statements ISAIAH WASHINGTON'S rep issued, saying he'd be back on "Grey's Anatomy" next season. ABC announced yesterday that they decided NOT to pick up his option for next season.

Isaiah's troubles began this past fall, when he got into an on-set shoving match with co-star PATRICK DEMPSEY. During the altercation, he called their fellow co-star, T.R. KNIGHT, a homophobic slur.

Isaiah went into rehab, then filmed a PSA about hate speech. At the end of the current season, Washington's character, Dr. Preston Burke, left his fiancée, Cristina Yang... at the altar and moved out of their apartment.

The Disney Channel will premiere the first video from High School Musical Two -- for a song called "What Time is It?" -- on Saturday afternoon at 4:55 .

The finale of the Sopranos airs Sunday on HBO.