Thursday, June 28, 2007

JUNE 28, 2007

We played an interview we did with Mandy Moore a few weeks ago this morning. First, we spoke about her brand new album, which she says is the most personal thing she’s done, since she wrote all the songs. And while she won’t say which guy she’s talking about when she sings about heartbreak, she acknowledges those feelings are truly her own. She also said she didn’t feel any added pressure or won’t take it hard if the album is a flop, she just feels a sense of accomplishment watching the project go from paper to the store shelves.

We also talked about her brand new movie “License to Wed”, in which she plays one-half of an engaged couple (John Krasinski-- Jim on “The Office”-- plays the other half) who has to attend marriage counseling before their priest (Robin Williams) will marry them. A lot of the cast from “The Office” is in the movie, and we asked if it was tough to get into a tight-knit group like that… but she said everyone was gracious, and she’d definitely do a guest spot on the show if they asked… (she’s a big fan of the show, and watched it all the time even before the movie…)

As far as fame and the paparazzi… she says she tries not to read the stuff written about her in the magazines, but says there’s usually a small grain of truth in the stuff written in there. They take half a conversation or situation that someone has heard or seen, and fill in the blanks. Although, it was reported a couple of years ago that she entered rehab-- and she says that story is completely false… no truth to it at all. She admits she herself is addicted to gossip site She also doesn’t spend too much time worrying about who’s in her inner circle because she knows the people really close to her are all trustworthy…

Finally, we asked her about her favorite movie… (“Beaches”) which musical artist she’d like to see live (Joni Mitchell)… and what the best thing is about being Mandy Moore (“cutting in line at Disneyland”)…

You can get her new album in stores now, and License To Wed opens next week.

To anyone who watched PARASITE HILTON on "Larry King Live" last night, I say this: If I had a spare hour in my pocket, I would give it to you, because I KNOW you immediately felt like you'd thrown one away.

Paris said a lot of lame, clich├ęd things about how the prison experience had changed her. . . and she read some stuff she'd written while in the joint. . . basically 7th-grade composition class-level garbage.

She did say a few things that were noteworthy, in between Larry's Nerf ball barrage of questions.

Probably the biggest “roll your eyes” moment of them all was Paris telling Larry that SHE'S NEVER DONE DRUGS.

She also said she wasn't a heavy drinker, but she added, quote, "I'm an Aquarius. We're social people." (???) Still, she did say we'll see a lot less of the party girl from now on, because she's, quote, "frankly sick of" going out. She's also ditched some of the hangers-on who've been a bad influence on her. She told Larry, quote, "I've gotten rid of a lot of people." Asked for some NAMES, she said, quote, "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but they know who they are."

She also talked about her claustrophobia and her attention deficit disorder. . . and how difficult things were for her in those first few days behind bars because of them. But. . . (and this is the part I absolutely LOVE). . . Larry asked her how she got over these things when the judge sent her back to prison after her aborted early release, and she said, quote, "I JUST HAD TO DEAL WITH IT."

Paris said that the initial search when entering prison was, quote, "the most humiliating experience of my life."

The most priceless give-and-take moment came when Larry put Paris's mugshot on the screen, and told her, quote, "I've seen worse". . . To which Paris responded, quote, "Thank you."

Last, but perhaps not least, it appears that Paris and LINDSAY LOHAN are not cool. When Larry asked Parasite about Lindsay's current woes, Parasite said, quote, "I wish the best for her." But later, when Larry asked her if she had any friends in rehab, she said NO.

I'm pretty sure we've just found THE most AWKWARD moment in the history of mankind.

36-year-old Jesse Ramirez of Chandler, Arizona, just woke up from a coma. . . and when he did, he was face-to-face with his wife. . . who'd gone against his family's wishes and told the doctors to PULL THE PLUG. (--Now THAT'S awkward.)

Back on May 30th, Jesse was in a bad car accident. . . the car rolled over, he broke his neck, and ended up in a coma. He was in the hospital, on life support, with a feeding tube.

Just NINE days after the accident. . . his wife, Rebecca Ramirez, told the doctors to cut off the life support. Jesse's parents and sister begged her to change her mind. . . she wouldn't. . . so they went to court to block her request, and keep Jesse alive.

It worked. . . the doctors had to hold off on pulling the plug. . . and that's a good thing, because 18 days later, Jesse woke up. He's still in the hospital. . . but he can respond to things people are saying, and he knows who he is and who the people around him are.

Jesse and Rebecca have three kids and were married for almost 20 years. . . but they've been separated several times. . . and they were arguing when the accident happened.

Rebecca accused Jesse of cheating on her. . . Jesse yelled back and pounded on the windshield. . . so Rebecca opened the door to try to jump out of the moving car. That's when Jesse lost control and flipped the car over.

Finally, we wish good luck to Lori Wallace on KGET TV 17 (who you voted last year on our show to be you favorite local news personality). Her last day at Channel 17 is Friday after she announced last night she will be moving to Sacramento with her husband and son to be closer to their familiy. She also announced she's expecting another baby... We wish them the best!