Tuesday, June 19, 2007

JUNE 19, 2007

Here's another sign that people don't look at dogs as pets anymore. . . dogs have officially become their CHILDREN. The people at "Freakonomics" compared two new lists: The most common baby names in England, and the most common dog names.

And they found. . . no one's calling their dogs "dog names" like Rover or Patches anymore. . . today's dogs are getting the same names as kids. ALL but one of the top 10 dog names are ALSO in the top 30 baby names. Here's the dog name list:

1) MOLLY. Also the 24th most common baby name.

2) MAX. 29th for babies.

3) CHARLIE. 10th for babies.

4) HOLLY. 26th for babies.

5) POPPY. 30th for babies.

6) BEN. 11th for babies.

7) ALFIE. 16th for babies.

8) JACK. Number one for babies.

9) SAM. 8th for babies.

10) BARNEY. The only name that didn't make the top 30 baby names list.

Keeping cool this summer won’t be easy for some of your less-fortunate neighbors who can’t afford an air-conditioner or swamp-cooler to hold off the heat.

KGET TV-17 and the Volunteer Center are teaming up for the Keep Kern County Cool fan drive, and we need your help.

The drive is tomorrow from 5 AM to 7 PM in front of TV-17’s studios.

Come to the corner of 22nd and L streets and bring a fan to help your neighbors keep cool in the Spirit of the Golden Empire.