Tuesday, June 12, 2007

JUNE 12, 2007

No one wants insects inside their house. Here's what Mrs. Fix It said to get rid of them!

1. Ants - they sneak inside and seem to show up everywhere. To keep them out, draw chalk lines around windows and doors every month or so. Ants won't walk over chalk, so they'll stay out of the house.

2. You can also fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, and spray it around doors jambs and windows frames. This will keep the ants away too!

3. Another common household pest is the meal worm. They get into dry foods you keep in your cupboards. An easy way to keep them out is to put a stick or two of spearmint gum on the shelves where you store these foods. They don't like the mint and will stay out.

4. If all of the running in and out of the house in the nice weather is allowing flies in, you know they're hard to swat. Just spritz them with some hairspray. It will freeze their wings so they're easy to get rid of!

When you get to work today, take a look around the office. Most people are content to be there!

A new survey of American workers. . . across all different industries. . . finds that 48%, or just about half of us, say that we NEVER, EVER plan on leaving the place where we're working right now. This is IT. Another 23% on top of that say they MAY leave. . . but definitely not for at least five years.

And this held up across all age groups. . . people 55 to 64 years old were only slightly more likely to say they're never planning on leaving their current job than people 25 to 34.

And, they're willing to use a lot of gas to get there! The average American worker says they're willing to drive 90 minutes each way. . . that's three hours of commuting every day. . . for a job they like.

Nearly 10% of people have broken up with someone over the Internet.