Thursday, May 3, 2007

MAY 3, 2007

The flipside of charity can be cruel. Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson got a double boot from American Idol last night -- a week after the Idol Gives Back reprieve. Stacey was the first to go for his performance of "Blaze of Glory" on Tuesday's Bon Jovi-themed night. While Stacey was praised by Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell correctly predicted he wouldn't last much longer. Richardson got pretty much the same reaction from the judges for his performance of "Wanted Dead or Alive," and again America agreed with Simon. Guest coach Jon Bon Jovi was on hand for a second night to perform "You Want to Make a Memory," and steered clear of making any predictions on who would go. The four singers who will go head-to-head next week are Blake Lewis and the three divas -- Jordin Sparks, LaKisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle.

As far as what you didn’t see, JD Roberto told us Simon’s mom, who was in attendance, is actually quite nice, and was very friendly to all the cast and crew of the show. Also, JD said he doesn’t put much stock in Simon’s assertion that he doesn’t listen to the live performances, saying throughout most songs, you can see him clearly concentrating on the monitor in his desk.

Also, according to People magazine, and confirmed by JD, Gina Glocksen warmed up the crowd by singing "Rapper's Delight". Yes, the singer brought the audience to its feet as she paid tribute to The Sugarhill Gang – even incorporating her own moniker in the lyrics, rapping "I am Gina G. and I like to say hello!"

Next week is Boogie Week on Idol… Performances start sharply at 8 PM, Tuesday on FOX.

Almost half of the estimated 60,000 new cases of melanoma projected this year will occur in the 10 states listed below, according to the American Cancer Society.

1. California: 6,680 new cases per 100,000 people
2. Florida: 4,380
3. Texas: 3,860
4. Pennsylvania: 3,120
5. New York: 3,070
6. Ohio: 2,390
7. New Jersey: 2,210
8. Michigan: 2,080
9. Illinois: 2,050
10. Massachusetts: 1,820

Kern County has approximately 567,800 people… While that doesn’t mean there will be 35,000 new diagnoses of skin cancer, it does mean we need to take a greater precaution. Greater awareness of the need for sun protection helps lower the risk.

Risk factors include light skin color, family and/or personal history of skin cancer, presence of atypical moles and freckles, and history of severe sunburn early in life.

As the weather heats up, the Skin Cancer Foundation offers these tips:

*Seek the shade, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
*Avoid tanning and UV tanning booths.
*Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.
*Cover up with clothing, including a hat and sunglasses.
*Keep newborns out of the sun. Babies older than 6 mos. should wear sunscreen.
*Self-examine skin for changes every month.
*See your physician every year for a skin exam.

For more information, check, or call (800) SKIN-490.

Despite February’s much publicized fiasco that had customers in New York stranded on its planes for hours during an ice storm, JetBlue still ranks as America’s favorite airline, according to the 10th annual Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index. Forbes has listed the most-loved brands in a variety of categories:

- Airline: JetBlue
- Auto: Toyota
- Bank: Wachovia
- Fast Food: Subway
- Mutual Funds: Janus
- Online Brokerages: Scottrade
- Pain Reliever: Tylenol
- Retail – Discount Stores: Target
- Retail – Department Stores: Macy’s
- Soft Drink: Pepsi
- Toothpaste: Crest
- Wireless Phone Service: Verizon

Teens today feel a lot of pressure to look good at prom and admit appearance, especially with their skin, will affect whether or not they have a good time. According to a new Harris poll, the prom not only conjures up feelings of anticipation and enthusiasm among teens, but also causes tension and anxiety. About one in two teens say they feel pressure to go to the prom (55%) – more so than any other peer pressure. In terms of looking good, having beautiful, clear skin (52%) is just as important as having the perfect dress/tuxedo (55%), having the perfect hairstyle/cut (51%), and being in shape (50%). And 36% say that they would consider skipping the prom entirely if they had severe acne that day.