Thursday, May 10, 2007

MAY 10, 2007

LaKisha Jones had her American Idol aspirations dashed during last night's results show. The Flint, Michigan native was sent packing after her Tuesday night performance of a pair of Bee Gees songs failed to wow both the judges and the 45-million fans who voted. When the judges were asked who wasn't making the cut, only Simon Cowell put forward a name, and he correctly predicted LaKisha. JD Roberto told us Lakisha was actually relieved, she in fact, didn't want to win anymore because of the pressure and the time it took away from her daughter.

Idol's final four -- LaKisha, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle and Blake Lewis -- joined together early in the show on a Barry Gibb tribute medley of "Emotion," "Too Much Heaven," "Guilty," "Islands in the Stream," "You Win Again" and "Chain Reaction." After the medley, host Ryan Seacrest pointed out that he caught talk show host Bill Maher, in the audience, singing along to "Islands in the Stream." Also in the audience were Fantastic Four stars Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd.

Next week's competition returns the Top 3 of Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle and Blake Lewis. JD Roberto said behind the scenes, there are rumblings that Melinda's lack of personality could hurt her next week. Also, despite what People magazine reported, Blake Lewis had no lack of confidence despite the judges' bad reviews. In fact, just the opposite. The theme for Tuesday will be a song of the judges' choice, and they'll learn of their selections today.

There will come a time at some point where you'll get harshly criticized by a superior or co-worker. Here are four tips for keeping your cool in this situation:

1) ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT THEY SAY. Instead of instantly attacking the person for criticizing you, acknowledge that you hear and understand what they're saying. Even if it's just by nodding your head.

2) ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION. This should give you BOTH some time to cool down. Try to see the positive intent behind their criticizing, if there is any.

3) REPLY. Reply with your own perspective, but remember: KEEP CALM. If the other person gets agitated, they should eventually calm down, too. Plus, they'll be a little embarrassed if they lose their cool while you're relaxed.

4) TRY TO FIND COMPROMISE. Show your desire to reach some sort of a compromise. Look for what the criticizer's objection is. . . and ask how you both can work out a solution.

We played a great song this morning for all moms out there... Here are the lyrics to "A Mother's Day" by Jim Brickman...

Mom and Dad were reading in the den
Mom said, 'I'm gonna go to bed, it's late.'
She went to the kitchen to make three school lunches
Another night in a mother's day.

Put the cereal bowls out for breakfast
Set the coffee maker for 6:00am
Sewed a loose button on brother's shirt for him
Checked sister's math homework
Sent a note to the teacher
Added eggs to the grocery list
Started a load of wash
Made sure the doors were locked
Put water in the puppy's dish
Wrote a check to the children's piano teacher
Turn the dishwasher on
And Dad called out, 'Honey what's takin' you so long?'

Have I ever thanked you for everything you've done?
Now all that I can say is, 'I love you Mom.'

Hung some art on the refrigerator door and headed up the stairs;
Kissed all the children and helped Sister comb her wavy golden hair
Washed her make-up off and turned on the bath
Lay down in the moon soft light
And kissed dad goodnight

Have I ever thanked you for everything you've done?
Now all that I can say is, 'I love you Mom.'

Thank you for nursing me through all those colds and fevers;
Thank you for believin' in me when they were no other believers.
And it's never too late to say, 'I love you Mom.'