Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MAY 1, 2007

1) DON'T FEED THEM FROM THE TABLE. One of the best ways to avoid costly trips to the vet is to stop feeding your pet "people" food. Some of the ordinary foods we eat are dangerous or even deadly to pets. Be sure to stay away from feeding your pet bones, cheese and chips (--they're high in fat and can cause inflammation of the pancreas), canned tuna fish (--which can cause heart problems in cats), chocolate, grapes and raisins.

2) DON'T LET YOUR PETS GET CHUBBY. About 40% of all pets are overweight or obese. But keeping them lean and at a healthy weight will make them live 15% longer. Keeping your pet in shape will save you money on vet bills AND food. . . A good way to tell if your pet is overweight is by feeling them. Pinch their fur. If you can pinch an inch of fur, your pet is overweight. You should be able to feel their ribs through their fur. . . but not to the point where their ribs are showing.

3) GET PET FOOD FROM THE SUPERMARKET. The average pet owner spends about $250 A YEAR on pet food. . . and it doesn't help that pet stores often hike up the prices. Instead of shopping at the pet store, get your pet food from the supermarket. It's significantly less expensive. . . but the food is just as good.

4) GET MEDICINE ELSEWHERE. If your vet prescribes your animal some meds, you don't HAVE to buy them from the vet. Ask them for a prescription. Many animal meds are approved for people, and can be purchased for less at a regular pharmacy.

5) BEWARE OF PET INSURANCE. You can get insurance on your pet, but you'll be paying A LOT of money. . . and not all treatments are covered. Do research on the insurance company and their coverage before you decide to get it.

Monster.com just finished up a huge poll of workers around the country to figure out: What are the worst things you can wear in the office? And the answer is simple: If you like dressing down during the summer. . . or dressing like you're going to a club. . . you're in trouble.

During summer weather, 55% of people say that tank tops are inappropriate at the office. . . 29% say flip-flops are bad. . . 8% don't think it's OK to wear shorts. . . and another 8% have a problem with Hawaiian shirts.

Also, almost everyone surveyed said that having VISIBLE UNDERWEAR is a bad look at the office. They also don't like short skirts, shirts that are unbuttoned too much, midriff-length shirts or extra-tight clothing.

Norma Gaffin, the director of content at Monster, says, quote, "What you wear at work speaks volumes. Do you want to look like you're 14? How seriously are people going to take you if they can see your bra? Or hear your [flip-flops] from down the hall?"

She also says you should put on something that's at least business casual. . . even if you're working FROM HOME. "You'll have a different demeanor if you're wearing pajamas versus wearing clothes. If those things are reflected over the voice when people can't see you, what is it reflecting when they can?"

Dancers were put to the test on last night's Dancing With the Stars when each couple was challenged to learn both a ballroom and a Latin dance. While the couples were given scores for the individual dances, the scores were then combined for overall placement on the leader board. Hannah Montana star Billy Ray Cyrus, who has been the consistent target of comments about his mediocrity, may be shown the door after a weak waltz and a shaky samba left him with a combined 38 out of 60 -- the lowest number for the night. The only remaining female celebrity dancer, boxer Laila Ali, and 'N Sync's Joey Fatone tied for first with overall scores of 59 -- each earning perfect 30s for their Latin dances. Crowd favorite and Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno turned in a disappointing fox trot that contributed to an overall score of 54 and tied him with 90210's Ian Ziering. Cheers' John Ratzenberger turned in a respectable fox trot and rumba giving him an overall 45 and keeping him from that hot seat. The legendary Meat Loaf performs on tonight's Dancing With the Stars: The Results when we also find out who gets a toe shoe in the tush.