Friday, March 9, 2007

MARCH 9, 2007

Well, same as last week... 2 out of 4 (now 5 of 12 on the season)... Going home was Antonella Barba, Sabrina Sloan, Jared Cotter, and Sundance Head.

I thought it would either be Sabrina Sloan or Stephanie Edwards, and Sabrina got the short end of the stick. Her elimination was not a big surprise. I also called Jared Cotter’s elimination. He just didn't get the same face time as some of the other guys, and it was only a matter of time. And I knew Sanjaya Malakar would make the Top 12. He has fans, and we know the show is just as much a popularity contest as anything else.

I was surprised Antonella didn't make it. I thought she had fans too, but this elimination was deserved. The other girls were in a different league. I also was disappointed that Sundance Head was eliminated, but he really never had the same type of performance as he did in his original audition. But I thought he had a strong following, and would have made it farther.

The big shocker: Haley Scarnato advances to the Top 12. I've thought for two weeks running she would be eliminated. Maybe she has more fans than we think... sort of like Melissa McGee last year.

As far as the big announcement, Ryan Seacrest announced "Idol Gives Back". . . a charity push to raise money for needy kids in Africa and the United States.

Ryan and Simon Cowell visited kids in Africa. They showed clips of their visit on the show. And they announced that Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul would be making a similar visit to New Orleans.

Here's where "American Idol" itself comes in. On Tuesday, April 24th, when we're down to the FINAL SIX contestants, the theme will be INSPIRATIONAL songs.

That night, for every vote the public casts for a contestant, "Idol's" corporate sponsors, like Coke and AT&T, are gonna donate money to the cause. On Wednesday's results show, the public will get to donate DIRECTLY, via special phone numbers and online.

There will also be a bunch of REAL stars appearing on that show. . . including Gwen Stefani, Pink, Josh Groban, Annie Lennox, and Michael Buble.

Next week, the show is back on its Tuesday/Wednesday schedule... Diana Ross will work with the contestants.

Kathleen was the latest Sandy voted out, and we talked to her this morning. She says the contestants know the sing-off really isn't about who sings better, it's all about who the producers want to keep. We also asked her about the "trash talk" segment they have started airing, and she said they film it on Saturdays after dress rehearsal. While it's uncomfortable to say bad things about your friends, it is a competition, and that's how you get through it. There really isn't a Sandy or Danny she's rooting for, but she did say she is in New York right now hoping to continue her theater career.

According to a new poll, the thing women want the most is. . . a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP. The 2007 Sleep in America poll finds that more than half of American women say they're so anxious and juggling so many things that they rarely sleep well.

The women who have the most trouble sleeping are the ones who let children or pets sleep in their bed.

Daylight Saving Time starts three weeks earlier this year. You need to set your clocks ahead one hour this Sunday morning. When you do, the Kern County Fire Department is recommending that you also change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Then take a moment to test the devices. A properly working smoke detector can save your life.