Tuesday, March 6, 2007

MARCH 6, 2007

Buying something from the vending machine and then having it get stuck can be INCREDIBLY frustrating. But attempting to retrieve it can also be dangerous. Believe it or not, but vending machine accidents have caused injuries. . . and even DEATH. . . when they've toppled over and CRUSHED people.

So before you start banging and tipping away at the machine. . . check out these five steps to follow when your purchased item gets stuck. . .

#1.) WAIT SEVERAL SECONDS. Some newer vending machines have sensors that know when an item hasn't been dropped. In these cases, the machine may drop the item after a few seconds. . . or it could return your money.

#2.) PURCHASE THE ITEM AGAIN. Depending on how severely the item is stuck, you may be able to push it out by selecting the SAME item again. . . which could also give you TWO snacks.

#3.) CHOOSE AN ITEM FROM THE ROW ABOVE. If you can angle it correctly, by buying an item that's ABOVE the one you want. . . when it falls. . . it could knock the original item free.

#4.) HIT THE *SIDE* OF THE MACHINE. Vending machines can weigh as much as 1,000 POUNDS. . . so tipping it towards you is not necessarily the smartest idea. . . and neither is banging on the glass. Try carefully hitting the SIDE of the machine. The force of that should knock the item out of its "stuck" position.

#5.) ROCK THE MACHINE *BACKWARD*. If you just can't LIVE without getting this stuck item. . . you might want to ask someone for help with this: Tip the machine BACKWARD slightly. . . and let it drop back into place to jar the item loose. DON'T press on the glass, however.

Check out these ten reasons why being middle aged and single is no reason to frown...

#1.) There are PLENTY of people out there for you. 29% of adults, ages 45 to 59, are now single. That's up from 19% in 1980.

#2.) And those people are looking to date. 70% of single middle-aged people say they date regularly.

#3.) You can still feel attractive if you're single. 85% of middle-aged men and 78% of the women say they consider themselves to be a good catch.

#4.) You can meet people online. People over 50 are the fastest-growing segment of online dating users, up 300% since 2000.

#5.) The man-to-woman ratio isn't as bad as you think. There are 92 men for every 100 women for people ages 55 to 64.

#6.) Even if you're not ready to get married. . . for the first time or again. . . you can still get out there. Only 14% of middle-aged women and 22% of men say their number one reason for dating is to find someone to live with or marry.

#7.) Women: Age is just a number. . . 34% of single women ages 40 to 69 say they date younger men.

#8.) If you're not comfortable jumping right back into a long relationship, that's fine. Only 21% of men in their 40s and 50s say they’re thinking about a long term relationship on a first date is acceptable. . . and only 2% of women that age agree.

#9.) But. . . expect that expectation to go up eventually. 84% of middle-aged people say as time goes on, they are looikiphysical intimacy is important or very important.

#10.) Finally. . . the odds are good. . . if you get out there and try. 75% of women and 81% of men in their 50s experience a serious, exclusive relationship after they get divorced or their spouse passes away.

Some relationship experts will tell you that nobody ever really "wins" when you get in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That's a bunch of nonsense. Look at these six ways which should help you win ANY relationship fight. . .

#1.) DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE. Regardless of the nature of the fight. . . you'll want to watch your voice. Ever heard the phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick"? If your boyfriend or girlfriend lowers their voice to match your volume level, you've WON.

#2.) BE THE FIRST ONE TO *LISTEN*. Let the other person do all the screaming and yelling. When it comes time for you to give YOUR defense. . . reiterate everything they just said. . . it proves you understand what they're saying.

#3.) STAY ON TOPIC. This is SO key. If you venture off into other issues. . . you may sound petty. If they call you out on a specific problem, defend NOTHING other than what you've been called out on.

#4.) ADMIT YOU'RE WRONG. This is probably the toughest thing for both men AND women to do. But when it comes down to it. . . the aftermath of the fight is just as. . . if not MORE. . . important than the actual fight, itself. Just keep this in mind: The other person can NEVER win the fight if you admit you're wrong first. . . because it makes you look like the better person after the fight is over.

#5.) PLAY THE EMOTIONAL CARD. There are times when people want to fight solely because they're feeling emotional. Don't be afraid to show when something they say hurts you. They might feel bad and cave.

#6.) TELL THEM OFF. If winning the argument is really worth the possibility of destroying the relationship. . . then go ahead and tell the other person off. But be warned: There's no going back after you do this.

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