Friday, March 30, 2007

MARCH 30, 2007

Sunday is April Fool's Day, and according to, out of more than 6,800 workers they surveyed, 29%, or about three out of 10, say they've either pulled an April Fool's prank at work. . . or had one pulled on them.

Here are some of the pranks people admitted to pulling...

*Bringing in jelly doughnuts filled with ketchup

*Sent a note to a co-worker's pager that said to contact 'George'. The phone number was to the White House".

*The most common pranks are covering someone's cubicle in aluminum foil, faking a resignation or gluing office supplies to someone's desk.

So you've got your plane ticket. . . and you've decided you really don't want to sit in coach. . . but you don't want to shell out the extra dough for a first class ticket. Here are five ways to get a possible upgrade from coach to first class. . .

1.) USE YOUR FREQUENT FLIER MILES. You're saving your miles for a reason. . . so why not use them to treat yourself? The number of miles required for an upgrade can vary from 15,000 to 180,000 depending on the airline and destination.

2.) TRY TO BUY A BUSINESS CLASS TICKET. Usually, the cheaper your ticket. . . the tougher it is to get an upgrade. So buy a business class ticket. . . and when purchasing it. . . ask about an upgrade. . . some are actually available in ADVANCE.

3.) FLY SPECIFIC DAYS. The odds are higher that you'll get a free upgrade on days where there's less air traffic. . . specifically on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. (--The days with the most air traffic are on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.)

4.) GET A TRAVEL AGENT. It'll cost some money. . . but a travel agent can usually score you some first class tickets at a WAY discounted price.

5.) ASK. Occasionally, the airline staff will actually look for people to fill seats in first class. As soon as you get to the terminal. . . politely tell the ticket agent that should they need fillers. . . you would like to volunteer to be upgraded.

*Could Heather Mills be getting ready to pull out of Dancing With The Stars? She's having back problems, which prevents her from rehearsing no more than three hours a week for her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, the ABC reality show. She is bothered by the two metal plates in her pelvis, which were put there after she lost part of her left leg after being struck by a car in 1993. She says she doesn't expect to "stay in the show that long." Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 PM.

*If you thought three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies were enough, think again, matey: the Los Angeles Times says that the word on the Disney backlot is that the upcoming third installment might not be the end of the franchise, since Johnny Depp is still interested in doing more.