Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MARCH 28, 2007

Last night, the remaining 10 contestants on American Idol were asked to perform songs that were originally done or had inspired guest coach Gwen Stefani. I thought Gwen did a good job assessing the contestants and their strengths and weaknesses, and most of the show took on a 70s, 80s, and 90s pop vibe.

First things first… someone needs to call PETA about the dead bird Sanjaya Malakar wore out on his head last night. How on earth could a reputable stylist allow him to walk out on stage like that? Yikes! Seriously, Sanjaya almost seems to be trying to get MORE people to make fun of him.

Onto the performances… The best? Not the usual suspects. I agreed with Simon… Gina Glocksen was outstanding. Her version of The Pretenders “I’ll Stand By You” was her best performance to date. I also really liked Phil Stacey… I thought he sounded a lot like Sting singing “Every Breath You Take”. Melinda and Lakisha were good, but I want to see them do something different. Is it just me, or do they sing the exact same song every week? I want to hear them sing a rock song, country song, current pop song… ANYTHING ELSE!

The “not so good”? I wasn’t nearly as impressed with Jordin Sparks as the judges. Maybe I kept hearing No Doubt’s original version of “Hey Baby” in my head, but I just didn’t get it. Chris Richardson was just above average for me, and I thought Chris Sligh and Haley Scarnato were just plain forgettable.

So… here’s the official prediction. They’ll go back to a Bottom 3 tonight… Chris Sligh and Haley Scarnato will be there, along with last week’s low man, Chris Richardson. He will be safe, and it will come down to the other Chris and Haley. Boy, it’s a real toss up, but I’ll say Haley Scarnato will be a little too forgettable when it comes to America’s votes. She will be going home.

JD Roberto from American Idol Extra will join us tomorrow at 7:20 to break it all down! Got a question for him? Email it to me…

What’s the bottom line on your favorite breakfast food? Check out these fun facts.

They come plain, MultiGrain and in a variety of flavors. Cheerios are considered one of the healthiest cereals around, and best of all, they don’t taste like cardboard.

Bottom line: Good lows—in calories in cholesterol.

They look too sweet for your own good, but nutritionally, they’re not bad. And face it, they’re much more fun than plain old Shredded Wheat.

Bottom line: Good source of fiber, but lots of calories.

This will get you going in the morning… in more ways than one. You can hunt high and low to find something wrong with this cereal, but you’ll come up empty.

Bottom line: Only around 60 calories for ½ cup—more fiber than a Kansas wheat field.

Your mom urged you to eat more of this, and she was right. Fruit and bran all in one serving—can’t beat it.

Bottom line: No cholesterol, a bit high in calories.

It’s cereal and marshmallows in a box. Looks and tastes like candy, right?

Bottom line: It’s cereal and marshmallows in a box.

Now for the cereal Mom tried to keep away from you—it’s fun and crunchy and features a loveable pitchman.

Bottom line: Not as fattening as you might think (no trans fats), but a little heavy on the sugar.

All bran. All the time—1/2 cup contains close to 40% of the dietary fiber you need for the day and just slightly more than 2% fat.

Bottom line: Great for you, but it’s kind of like eating your backyard.

One of the few cereals that actually smells good. And evidently, it’s good for you in other ways too—12 vitamins and minerals.

Bottom line: Adults need to go easy… 10 grams of sugar in a ¾ cup serving.

Kix requires some additions like fruit, or Splenda, for enhancement.

Bottom line: No cholesterol, and surprisingly low in sugar for what’s considered a kid cereal.

The first team was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" last night. And believe it or not, the first celebrity to take the walk was NOT BILLY RAY CYRUS. (???)

Despite being to dancing what SANJAYA MALAKAR is to singing, Billy Ray apparently survived on that whole "Aw shucks" thing he pulls out ever time he MURDERS his partner's meticulous choreography.

Billy Ray. . . who's tied with NBA legend CLYDE DREXLER for LAST PLACE in terms of the judges' scoring. . . survived to dance another day. Supermodel PAULINA PORIZKOVA. . . who was actually doing pretty well. . . got the boot instead.