Friday, March 16, 2007

MARCH 16, 2007

This morning we spoke with Chad, the latest Danny eliminated from NBC's Grease: You're The One That I Want! Chad said the first thing that went through his mind when he found out he was in the sing-off was that he wanted to remember his words... He talked about the number of fansites online dedicated to him and the show, and says he has friends who send him excerpts from blogs all the time, but he never reads them himself-- people can be too cruel in defending their favorite. He said of all the contestants, Allie is the most fun, he's the most serious, and Kathleen was the easiest to get along with. He hopes Max will win the role of Danny, but said any of the girls would be great as Sandy... And by the way, he says it's in their contracts that they can't be romantically involved with any of the other contestants, but he won't deny some sparks are flying behind the scenes! The final performance episode of NBC's Grease airs Sunday... to start, one more Danny and Sandy will be eliminated, and then the final two will perform for your votes!

Have you ever been driving and wanted to meet someone in the next lane? Ever been so mad at another drive you wanted to tell them off? Well, there's a new invention coming out that may help you do that.

A company called Delta Meridian in Dallas, Texas, has created a new technology, called SameLane, which lets you call up other drivers on their cell phones, just by punching in their license plate number.

It sounds cool, but there are two catches here that are gonna keep it from exploding. . . at least at first. One: You have to register to receive calls, so if the person isn't registered, you won't be able to talk to them. Registration's free. . . but, unless they're planning a MASSIVE publicity push, it could be a while until people know about this service and choose to sign up for it.

And two: The service requires calling a 900 number and then punching in the license plate. . . and they haven't said how much those calls will cost.

The SameLane system is still in the testing phase. . . Delta Meridian says that it will be ready for the public at the end of April.

Here's some of the news we couldn't fit in today!

*The King of Queens' seven final episodes will kickoff on April 9th, when the sitcom returns to the C-B-S schedule.

*Regis Philbin's ticker is still ticking, following successful triple bypass surgery on Wednesday morning. The 75-year-old talk-show host was operated on by the same doctor who performed David Letterman's quintuple bypass in 2000. And like Letterman, Reege will be replaced by guest hosts for an estimated five weeks. On yesterday's Live With Regis and Kelly, Kelly Ripa said her co-host made it through the operation with "flying colors." She said she knows Reege is okay because he's already "harassing people."

*Two of the lowest-rated American Idols talk about voting for themselves... Haley Scarnato cries, "You have to [vote for yourself]. If you don't, then you're like, 'Why am I not working and paying when everybody else is?' That's a lot of work. So thank you, all of the voters." Meanwhile, mild-mannered 17-year-old Sanjaya Malakar looks most likely to lose next week -- and won't use his fast fingers to change fate. He tells us his voting days are over. "I voted for myself the first time because it was a novelty. If I have to vote for myself, and if I get through based on myself voting, then I shouldn't go through. I don't deserve it."

*Finally, Will Smith doesn't use toilet paper! Will has replaced the toilets in his home with devices that are sort of like toilets and bidets rolled into one. When you're finished doing your business, it cleans up your backside FOR you. . . and apparently it's quite precise! Will says, quote, "Wherever you sit on the toilet, somehow it hits the bull's eye perfectly. It cleans and then dries you. It is just water and then air."

We'll have the winners of our first-ever Mom's Choice Awards... Qualify to see Josh Groban on a Girls Night Out... and win tickets to see Rod Stewart at the Save Mart Center in Fresno!