Wednesday, January 31, 2007

JANUARY 31, 2007

Well, thank goodness we're coming to the end of auditions... While Birmingham had good talent last night, it seems all the bad auditions are the same and are growing tiresome. But at least America is still watching... over 32 million people tuned in to Idol last week easily making it the #1 show on TV.

I thought three contestants really stood out last night. How about Tatiana McConnico? She sang Aretha Franklin and got whizzed through by the judges to Hollywood. Strong voice... watch out for her! Also, I liked Bernard Williams II. He sang Michael Jackson's "Rock With You"-- definitely one of the smoother male voices we've heard so far.

But it seems everyone is buzzing over the guy who looks like Jack Osbourne... Chris Sligh. In fact, his fans are calling themselves the Fro Patrol (since his hair is in an afro style). He sang "Kiss From A Rose". Not the best voice, but perhaps the best personality... and we all know you can't win on voice alone.

20 people from Birmingham made it in total... Tonight, the contestants will STAY in Hollywood with that Golden Ticket, since the auditions are in L.A.

The author of a new website wants to make sure your family knows about the Wal-Mart in your area... You can see how many times the police have reported to the Wal-Mart nearest you since 2002. The number of calls are supported with actual police reports. The other information isn't supported with hard evidence. A disgruntled employee or a genuine issue? You decide. To enter your zip code and get your report, click here.

Word of advice: If you're planning to make this year's Super Bowl party a Super Bowl FONDUE party, or a Super Bowl quiche extravaganza. . . you really should reconsider. The Super Bowl's one of those times where people just want to eat the traditional, greasy junk food that they're not supposed to. According to a survey by Proctor & Gamble, here are the top nine foods that people want to eat during the Super Bowl:

#1.) Pizza, 29.2%
#2.) Nachos and dip, 21.7%
#3.) Potato chips, 10.6%
#4.) Vegetables. . . and dip, 10.1%
#5.) Chicken fingers, 8%
#6.) Popcorn, 4.9%
#7.) Pretzels, 2.9%
#8.) Chocolate, 2.5%
#9.) Meatballs, 2.4%

And if those numbers don't convince you, get this: That survey was JUST taken of people who have regular HEARTBURN. . . and if THEY'RE so eager to eat garbage during the Super Bowl, knowing the price they'll pay. . . imagine the junk the regular folks will want.

So what do you call your soft drink of choice? Coke (even if it's Pepsi or a root beer?)... Pop... Soda? Well, the great debate is being settled online. Put in your word of choice, by clicking here.