Thursday, January 18, 2007

JANUARY 17, 2007

Due to internet problems, it took us a little longer than normal to post today's show notes... Thanks for your patience!

What an underwhelming start to Season Six, right? I HATE these audition shows. I know some people only watch these first few weeks to see the bad singers... but I swear, you've seen one bad audition, you've seen them all, right? Some of these people have to be in it for the five minutes of fame, because they can't seriously think the judges will send them on. Specifically, anyone who shows up to these auditions in a costume... When have Randy, Paula, and Simon EVER sent someone in a costume to the next round?

And WHY did they bring back guest judges this year? Jewel did nothing... and frankly, neither did the other judges... all YES or all NO for every contestant... I think none wants to take a risk like Simon did on Taylor last year. If a contestant wins the whole thing, they all want to be able to say they knew the potential from the start.

Anyway, two hours in Minneapolis... and we only saw seven contestants who will go to the next round. To be fair, only 17 of 10,000 people made it to Hollywood anyway! None of the seven we saw blew me away, but if I had to pick one who was the best, I would say Sarah Krueger who sang "Over The Rainbow". Most of the other contestants who made it through I felt were featured more because of their personal stories than because of their voices.

I appeal to the producers of the show... Show us more of the real contestants! Or at least don't repeat the same gags over and over and over. We'll see the Seattle auditions tonight, but it seems we're in for worse singers as the judges have said Seattle had the worst singers ever!

According to a new survey, when a cool job opens up. . . HR or hiring managers just get FLOODED with résumés.

27% of hiring managers say that whenever they post a new job online or in the paper, they get more than FIFTY résumés. And another 13% of hiring managers say that they get more than 100 RÉSUMÉS for every job opening.

They did give some suggestions for how to make yourself stand out from all the dozens and dozens of unqualified people:

#1.) Make sure to play up your RELEVANT experience.

#2.) List specific accomplishments at your past jobs.

#3.) Make sure the résumé is customized to the open position.

#4.) And, be creative! Avoid meaningless business clichés, like "problem solving". . . "team building" or "productivity improvement".

Glamour magazine asked men, "What's your girliest habit?" Here's how some men replied...

"I'm a jeans addict -- as of last count I have 13 pairs. And I always make sure they look good from the back." --Brian, 24

"I cry at the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." --Seth, 29

"I buy new outfits on the way to work because I don't like what I'm wearing." --Victor, 32

"I like to wear pink. And I also drink Diet Coke." --Patrick, 22

"I organize my sneakers by style, color and season." --Ian, 34